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  • Why.

    So i spend 2 hours in a satelitte for this to happen

    runner runner straight which funnily enough involves my set on the turn. 3rd hand into the tourney for me and i'm out to this, thanks.

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    There are 2 ways that I could play this.

    The majority of the time, I'm 4-bet shoving preflop.

    If I do call (won't happen often, but I will a small % of the time), then I have to let the hand go if an A or K show up on the flop and the opp bets.

    The best play that I can make though, is to 4-bet shove pre.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Am i wrong but haven't you posted this already in a different forum? if so, no worries but just don't know if i am going mad (lol)

      I agree with John, its all in preflop (4-bet).. QQ plays so much better preflop because the types of hands that call you are higher pairs (99-AA) and Ace-High. You are ahead of that range so much of the time.

      Just flatting here leaves you open to lower pairs, broadway combos and who knows what else.

      If your opponent has AT and raises you, if you 4-bet him he might fold it.
      If you flat him and he sees an Ace, he will be involved and how can you play with an over.

      When I hit the flop with JJ-KK, i have lost more hands to overpairs than I have to monsters like sets/flushes because I didn't value the overpair enough.

      Preflop, the chances of an overpair to a Queen are low, just KK & AA.
      Once the flop comes down, any Kx or Ax hand now has you dominated if they can pair it on the flop - so you went from being beaten by 2 hands to a good number more!


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        Should have been a 4 bet jam allin preflop. Very unlucky result regardless



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