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call me mr no luck

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  • call me mr no luck

    tbh when he called my reraise i thought i bet he has it, but for a few hundred more i was hoping for a miracle like the board pairing, and after that 200 just to see it
    Last edited by donkkilla76; Tue Apr 08, 2014, 01:03 PM.

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    I don't mean this to sound harsh, so apologies if it does sound harsh, but you played that hand pretty badly.

    Limping UTG with TT and 20bb is bad, I'm ok with raising of course once we hit our set, but what exactly were the min bets on turn and river about? If you want a cheap showdown just check but with four to a straight our hand is significantly weakened.

    “In a multiway pot, someone always has a jack”


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      it was open league so didnt want to push as because i stood i high chance of getting knocked out as loads of bad callers also trying not to be insulting here maybe trying watching properly before making a comment i didnt bet after the flop just called his 200
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        With 20bb with antes in play, you have got to raise preflop. If you are worried about a lot of loose passive fish calling your raise with fishy cards, then raise big or shove. TT doesn't play well in multiplayer pots, and even if it did, your stack is too short to ever want to see a multiplayer pot. By limping, you turn what is likely to be the best hand into a set mine, not a good idea with 20bbs. Winning the blinds and antes is a fine result with TT, so raise, raise big, or shove. If you get shoved on after you raise, TT should be in your calling range, against most players, you will see a both smaller pairs and big Aces a lot.

        I think you played the rest of the hand pretty nearly optimally. Raising a 1bb donk bet, with middle set, is
        good. I would be 3betting most of my hands that connected well on this flop, ie AQ. The typical fishy donk bettor has weak top pair or second pair hands, so get value from him on the flop before a scare card comes. I don't know why he didn't 4bet shove, but you were Mr Luck that he didn't. Calling 1bb on the turn with 4 cards to
        a straight is trivial, he gave you incredible odds to make a fullhouse or quads. Calling 1bb, a 10% pot bet is also correct, he has to have the straight better than 95% of the time to consider folding. He could be making a blocking bet with two pair or worse.

        Seriously, you have got to raise loose-passives with good hands, make them pay to see a flop with their garbage. Don't become one yourself by open limping TT. The best response to LPs is TAG, TIGHT AGGRESSIVE, over time it totally destroys the fish.
        Last edited by lycowolf; Tue Apr 08, 2014, 02:48 PM.


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          lyco i totally agree with you and normally i would raise in this position and hope for the best, but being its a open league game and surviving is more important than winning i played safe


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            Even in a league game, open-limping is a HUGE leak (more of a gusher than a leak). When playing these games, I want to play less hands, but the ones that I do play, I want to play aggressively.

            Standard raise preflop, make a 3/4 pot raise on the flop, 1/2 pot raise on the turn.. if the opp's still there, fold the river.. is the correct way to play this one.

            John (JWK24)

            6 Time Bracelet Winner


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              im sorry we will have to agree to disagree on this one being on the end of some serious bad calls in league games. Raising from the position i was in and expecting not to get a bad call isnt possible and if the same guy called and playing that same flop as you suggested i wouldve been left with near on no chips, yes its possible he couldve folded, but being a person who has raised preflop in a league game with aq hit q on flop bet it and get one caller to sit there and wonder what he has, then turn brings a flush option on the board so i stopped betting and checked river as well just to see him have 2 pair and the cards are 7 5 off, so he called a preflop raise and a bet on the flop with hitting the 5 to get 2 pair on the turn no flush draws no straight draws were possible for him on the flop he called with 3rd pair with hopes on another 5 coming or a 7 to put him in the lead,and tbh stuff like that is pretty common. I had a guy call all the way to the river earlier and he even called the bet on the river and he had nothing not even a pair.



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