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really bad beat or my bad play

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  • really bad beat or my bad play

    20 mins into last chance tourney
    i have a little over 14K, i look at my AK suited in the BB
    and realized that someone goes all 10K from middle position. I look at who the player was and to protect innocent (actually guilty) i will not state it. But it is a wild player, so i put him on low pair maybe AK Ax Kx etc. So, I call.

    8 3 os wahooo for me!!!!

    flop 6 4 K wahoo even better

    turn 7 uh oh!!! please no 5, please no 5, please no 5

    river 5


    now got 1300 left, what the heck

    was i wrong to call, knowing how the player was?

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    40 mins later, getting tired and on tilt:

    rainmanusc folds
    aha12877 folds
    Cardster takes back $14,275
    Cardster wins $2,400
    Starting hand #11178331
    aha12877 dealt down 7h 7d
    seat 9posts the small blind $150
    seat 10 posts the big blind $300
    seat 1 calls $300
    seat 2 folds
    seat 3 folds
    aha12877 raises $4,950 to $5,250 and is all-in
    seat 5 folds
    seat 6 folds
    seat 7 folds
    seat 8 folds
    seat 9 folds
    seat 10 calls $4,950
    seat 1 folds
    aha12877 shows cards 7d 7h
    seat 10shows cards 9c 3c
    >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 5d 8c 4d ]
    >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ 9h ]
    aha12877: LOL
    >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 3s ]
    seat 10 wins $11,400

    unreal, this was my bad, i should have raised allin with that, but i guess i can go to bed earlier, there were 33 left after the 1st beat and i went out 17th, i guess that's ok


    • #3
      first hand you should have folded the best you could have been was up against Ax where your around 2-1 favourite at worst you could have been a big dog to AA
      it was early in tourny and not worth ricking your whole stack to POLICE a manaic.

      if the 77 was against the same player (whom by now had a big stack presumebly) what did you expect him to do when you went all in again you were only about 2-1 favorite so not really a bad beat just that when he was being policeman it worked.


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        I'm going to disagree here and say you made the right play. This would not have been the right play if you were playing a more traditional tournament. You are playing a last chance tournament that is held four times every day. It also only pays the first two players and the first place finish is the one that you are shooting for.

        I would be taking bigger chances in these tourneys. Play with a win or bust mentallity.


        • #5
          I agree with CR due to the nature of the tourney.

          Other tourneys, real money, wait for a better opportunity.