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Bad Beat or Not?

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  • Bad Beat or Not?

    In our bi-weekly live game we have a bad beat jackpot. To ensure it is eventually won, we lower the qualifying requirement one level each session. The qualifying hand stood at 222AA (A full house, 2's full of Aces) when the following happened:

    Three players went to the showdown.

    Board: 4 A 2 A 4

    Player A: A Q

    Player B: 2 2

    Player C: A 4

    Players A and C won the hand with A A A 4 4
    They split the pot.
    Player B finished in 2nd. OR is that 3rd?
    Player B's hand would qualify for the bad beat if there was only one player to beat him.
    Is the bad beat won, or is there no bad beat because there were two players ahead of the qualifying hand?

    We have not reached a conclusion on this decision and the Bad Beat Jackpot funds have been "put in escrow" till we reach a decision.

    Two questions:
    1. Have you ever experienced this in a live game?
    2. Do you know the rules that would apply?

    Thanks for your help, friendships are on the line.


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    In all the games that I've been in, the only way a hand qualifies for the BBJ is that ALL players must use both hold cards in their 5 card hand. In this instance, this is not the case, as the players with the aces are not using both hold cards.... so there is no BBJ awarded.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Thanks for your response JWK. You put a totally different spin on the hand, one that none of us even considered. I am forwarding your response to the guys to see how it goes over. Another player is visiting a nearby B&M poker room today to get their take on it.

      Much appreciate it.



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        It works the same way for any high hand jackpots in the casinos I've played in too. The hand doesn't count unless you use both of your hold cards and that it goes to showdown.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


        • #5

          the board is 4a2a4

          Player B is using bot of his hole cards and player C is using both of his hole cards.

          Doesn't that qualify the hand for the BBJ?

          The only thing that remains questionable is player A who didn't use both of his card and he did beat player B.

          But player C also beat player B and he did use both of them so...i think the hand qualifies.


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            that's right...player B wins the BBJ with 2s full of aces b/c he used both hole cards. easy peasy.


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              Not sure it is that easie peasie, Kethchup, Player B has the third best hand. Only the second best hand can win a Bad Beat Jackpot. The fact that players A and C tied, throws a real twist into this hand. I have not found any definitive answer after searching several hours on the Internet.

              I am open to further input. There seems to be a variety of opinions here and I welcome all of them.


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                JWK, you say that the players with the Aces are not using their two hole cards. Player C does use his, with the extra 4 on board not being required to make his hand. The last 4 on the board does not negate his hole card.

                So, in this hand, one of the winning players uses both hole cards, the other does not.

                I think this needs further exploration.



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