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some more,please give feedback on hands

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  • some more,please give feedback on hands

    please no fold pre comments since they are stupid,i mean different players and styles have different opening ranges... thanks
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    I have to say that "fold pre" means a lot more than you are capable of understanding obviously, I'll explain why. I'm by no means a cash game player, but the reason you should play cash over tournaments is because people are deeper. And when you in hand number 1 calls 87s OOP vs. a 50bb stack, then you should fold pre because you are already losing money, regardless, he bets 4bbs.

    Hand 1:
    You have SCs and you flop TP + gutshot and you check? Why? This is obviously a passive opponent you should lead flop. On turn you have two pairs, but any two spades + 5x beats your hand, is this in his range - what is your read + stats on him? Bet turn, he calls, okay - check/call river in my opinion.

    Hand 2:
    I don't know about stacking off AKo in cash games, he only had 50bbs, but I don't know, you beat his range pre-flop so its profitable. Just got unlucky.

    Hand 3:
    You have clear betsizing tells, but I guess it doesn't matter at this/these stakes, however if I was at your table I'd abuse that, but again you can tweak that to later. I don't get why you would shove the flop here? You are getting it in good, and you experience a bad beat.


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      yes bad beats thats why i posted them...

      its zoom poker so a lot of shortstacks/no info on opponents,

      how would you play hand nr3? bet turn and if got reraise you would fold? i shove cause i wanted him to either fold or to call with AK/QQ/AQ it just that rng screwed me on this hand but well...

      in hand nr2 i just called all in and got bad beaten so there is no "wrong play" in there...

      hand nr1 he just raised with crap J5o to steal the blinds,i couldnt reraise him cause 78s are not that good... after that he got lucky on flop and just waited for 8 to come... which ofc will come

      maybe only hand nr1 me,you or someone else could played better


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        87s isn't a profitable play, no way - considering how you played it. If he is raising as wide as J5o, and is checking playing so passively; then you should be taking initiative post flop and win 9/10 unless he pays a lot for draws, but if he does he has so little chips behind that he isn't really risking much, hence playing tight vs. short stacks, and playing back at big stacks. In cash game the short stacks are the bullys, and if he opens that much you have to value bet against him not check. Build a pot and stack them, give them bad odds, okay he calls, and he hits? Doesn't matter, long run you'll make a hundred buy ins off of them. But I wouldn't have played 87s against him, rather wait for a good hand and just value bet, if he folds easy then just call with those hands and bet him off the flops.

        The AA hand I'd rather reraise flop since you are committing it anyway unless a K comes on the turn as well. You can't really see T as a scared card since then you'd have to give him AQ which is very unlikely or KJ, but then you are already beaten. There isn't actually a single hand you are going to fold against him if you reraise flop and he flats, unless the turn is a K. You don't overshove the flop with AA, makes you seem like an incredible weak post flop player, which basically makes it so easy to set mine vs. you , try to hit two pairs or whatever, because you are so easily committing those chips post flop. I'm not good at cash games, but you can't overshove a flop like that with only AA, you should reraise and make him commit the flop or whatever - but don't overshove, then you'll never get away. It's difficult to make reads, but you start noticing patterns once you get a lot of hands played/experience, if you aren't able to take confrontations at these stakes, you'll be in big trouble later. Try building up a pot, at higher stakes you'll only get called when behind. Reraise for value on flop, if he shoves you call if you think you have the best hand. As I told you, I'm not a cash game player, but overshoving flops isn't good poker.



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