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I can dodge bullets, baby!

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  • I can dodge bullets, baby!

    We don't see many folds in the "Brags & achievements" forum, but I'm a black belt at origami.

    On the face of it, this pre-flop fold of AK looks so nitty that I should probably be banned from poker, but there were a couple of reasoms for it.

    It's the Hot $3.30 turbo, so with 15bb and an M of just 5.7, it might be a terrible error to fold AK pre-flop. I certainly know many people that would snap-shove the blockers in this spot.
    My reasons for folding were:
    * The bubbble would be bursting within 5 minutes and I could cruise to the money by playing a low-variance (aka super-nitty) style against bigger stacks.
    * The UTG opener had just joined the table (no stats/reads) and he had me covered.
    * The cold-caller was a 10/5 nitty set-miner that had flatted with JJ in a similar spot previously.

    I figured that AK was unlikely to be the best hand here. I also thought that I would have almost no fold equity if I shoved, and that I'd be racing for my tourney life. I think it's an ICM mistake to take "flips" on the bubble. In my opinion, stack preservation is often just as important as chip-accumulation.

    I think a lot of players would have gone broke with AK here, and then called it a cooler. Maybe I'm being results-oriented, but let's just say that I was fist-pumping when I saw the villains show up with AA and QQ and I'd dodged some bullets.

    Brag: Hero "correctly" folded AK pre-flop with 15bb stack.
    Beat: Hero only nit-cashed a few minutes later when his AJ ran into QQ.
    Bracelet Winner

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    I honestly believe that making a good fold is more satisfying than winning a big pot a lot of the time. People will often make an 'easy' call and put it down to a bad beat or a cooler but sometimes it makes more sense to make a difficult (But correct*) fold. nhumbup:



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