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pushed off winning hand

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  • pushed off winning hand

    was playing in a tournament and there were about 18 people or so left. 2 at my table shoved all in. They were shortstacked, I have most chips so I called with (i think it was) A7o (not a hand to call with, but I know shortstackers throw anything in there). Another midstacked guy calls behind me.

    Flop comes 2 10 J

    I check with the intention that me and the midstacked guy will just check to the river since we have the opportunity between us to eliminate 2 players in one go and thus take a synchronised stride ever closer to the final table. He checks. The deck turns a 10, I check. The river comes a 2. I check and he shoves.

    I'm thinking wow he must have a deuce or 10 and he's got the full house. I'll have to fold. So I did.

    But he bluffed me off my hand and off what would have been the winning hand - the community cards missed everybody, so my ace high would have taken it.

    But since there are 2 others who are all in the cards have to be shown. He had trash - something like 8 6 off. Each of the other 2 had a K so they split the pot with high card K having been given a lifeline by this moron who bluffed me off my hand.

    I've thought about it, and there's just no possible benefit to bluffing me in that situation - it was always a losing move. I got angry at poker for the first time. Idiot guy.

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    If it was me, I'm not checking every street. If I'm in position against the other guy with chips, I'm betting the flop. If I'm out of position, I'm betting the turn if they check the flop. However... depending on the stack sizes, I'm most likely not playing A7 to start with.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Perhaps I ought to have done that, but I didn't want to risk bluffing off any chips with nothing but air.

      Still, **deleted inappropriate language JWK24**- he stood to gain nothing! He could have had two rivals eliminated which would have brought him a step closer to the final table. Instead he pushed me off my hand for no discernible reason thereby allowing those to to gain a foothold in the game again and present obstacles in his way. Gosh I was mad!
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