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5nl zoom AA against Russkie...

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  • 5nl zoom AA against Russkie...

    can somebody pls explain to me what is going on....

    he raise with A4o ?????????? and watch what happens....

    before that one had some similar hands like A2o vs QQ...

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    ** moved to Bad Beats **
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      Hi magicius,

      Sure, I can explain what's going on... you played the hand well, and villain played it poorly. Glad I could help.

      The only thing I think you could have improved on here is your 3-bet sizing. Villain has opened for a larger than normal amount, 6x, and you're short stacking with 49bb's, so I think when you 3b this large to 19bb's it's too committing in appearance and will not get as many shoving and calling mistakes as a smaller sizing will (not real important in 5nl perhaps but at bigger stakes it will be). About .75 is good here I think.

      Once he 4-bets, it's all academic... well played, nh.
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        8% is "what's going on".

        Notice...EIGHT PERCENT...not zero,or even one or two...eight percent. In other words this is EXPECTED to happen 1 in 12 times.

        Is that a lot? No,of course not. But it's not so rare as to be worthy of anything but the common refrain...super standard. Yeah,it's a bad beat but you're gonna see a lot worse. If not you can consider yourself the run-goodest peep on the site.

        I don't know if they get the NFL in Serbia,but last night the Sunday Night Football game was a heavyweight bout...Denver (9-1) at New England (7-3). Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady. Lots of hype,lots of build up.

        And it was 24-0 Denver at halftime.

        Game over.


        Put a fork in it.

        Statistically,someone came up with a formula that says Denver is 98% to win the game with a 24-0 halftime lead.

        1 time in 50,on average,will a team lose in that situation.

        Well at the end that 1 time in 50 happened last night, And yeah, New England DID get a lucky bounce or three.

        You want a game where skill will always win out,no luck involved,I suggest chess.

        Pick yourself up,dust yourself off and hope the next time you see this player he's still this dead from the neck up,and remember...that 8% hitting from time to time is what keeps the bad players coming back.


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          What a joke lol so unlucky


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            Back when I was first getting started, occasionally I'd post in the Bad Beat section - and if you look back at some of the names of others who did as well ... well, it looks like maybe it's fairly common for people who are just getting started in poker to maybe be a bit shocked by some of the beats. And while there's not much you can do about variance, 'someone' gave me some great advice once, when I was having a bit of a whine in that section - about bankroll management, and record-keeping, and concentrating your energies on playing one particular game:
            Originally posted by Moxie Pip View Post
            Hey Sam,on the "business-oriented" approach to things I think Dave (Thelangolier) said it best once in a post wherein players were bickering back and forth about the wisdom of grinding hours a day for essentially pennies and nickels on the hour. His take was that you have to approach it in your mind as a start up business and most start-ups don't show a profit for the first couple of years,they're more about keeping the doors open and building a market for their product. Well try to think of Bankroll management as keeping the doors open and Bankroll building as growing your market. If you're making proper decisions BEFORE you ever sit down at the table it just makes it that much easier on yourself to achieve the goals,whatever they may be,that you have. Like I said before to my way of thinking MTT's are where a player can make a real leap forward in their finances but they also have the most variance and the largest time factor burden. So they should be the area where you take your shots---swing for the fences if you will. So with that in mind again I say to look around at the buy-in levels of the MTT's that you're looking to play and find SNG's and/or ring tables that are commensurate with them. That's where you should try to grow your BR steadily. When players try to grow a BR solely through MTT play they can fall into the trap of playing for min-cashes. Now I'll never say to just throw away a potential ITM in an MTT on just wanton reckless playing but you should be willing to open up your game some and push for deeper runs in MTT's. That's where the money is. If you can find SNG's and or ring tables that can fund your MTT excursions,that will give you the freedom to play the MTT's with the proper mission statement. BTW I personally stress SNG's myself for the simple reason that I was literally Chase Berger from the Micros videos on ring tables (like 18K hands played for a whopping $3 profit---woo-effing-hoo umbup. So I have an admitted bias towards the SNG's myself. So that's my take: lay out your goals,both in the long and short term and then find the games that you think can best facilitate your efforts in achieving them. That will take some research (try to find games that play towards your strengths) and probably a fair amount of trial and error. If a game doesn't feel like a good fit and you're immediately uncomfortable with it's structure then I would advise you to trust your instincts and stay away from that game. Good luck and most importantly---HAVE FUN.
            Like maybe beats don't feel so bad if they're not impacting the bankroll? I'm still using this advice to this day, by the way - thanks again, Moxie for taking the time to help me like that


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              Was my pleasure Sam.

              Just happy that you still get use out of it. Like many (most/all?) players bad beats are and always will be something that grate on my nerves at times too,just I constantly strive to force myself to realize that they are GOOD thing,as luck,again,is what keeps the fish in the pond.

              Pretty sure you can find a bad beat whine or three from me back in the day.

              Been there,done that,bought the fricking t-shirt.



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