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Losing full house by Quads

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  • Losing full house by Quads

    I was a big stack bully at microstakes. I had a not that loose image , I decided to play 5 6 suited from cuttoff , the player at button (2nd largest stack , calling station ) and the big blind called , FLOP was Q5Q , I made a C-bet, both called . TURN came Q , I made a full house , I made a big bet BTN called , BB fold . I bet again at river , he called again .
    It didnt cost me that much but took 1/4th of my stack .
    Thank God that he didn't 3-bet me ata any stage of the hand.

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    Being a big stack bully... IS.. playing extremely loose and not what I'd want to be doing.

    What were the stack sizes?
    What was the pot size at each point in the hand?
    What were the bet sizez?

    Unless these are provided, it cannot be determined which is the correct play.

    What CAN be determined... is that this IS NOT a bad beat. 56 was never ahead in the hand and was definitely not ahead when the chips went in.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      I'd like to see a replay, but I hope you realise that you only had the 10th nuts on the turn. One of the problems with playing hands like 65 is that even when you make trips, a straight, flush or full house, it's often still way behind much better hands. When you're called on the flop QQ5, you're nearly always losing. Any pocket pair above 55 is ahead, along with all Qx hands. To make a big turn bet is a big mistake, because you're never getting called by worse.
      Try not to think about the absolute strength of your hand ("I have full house"), and think about its relative strength, given the action and board texture. Ask yourself if villain is ever going to continue with a worse hand when you bet. If he can't continue with a worse hand than yours, save yourself some chips by not betting.
      Bracelet Winner



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