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jokerstars strikes again!

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  • jokerstars strikes again!

    ok now this just isnt right...
    tons of trainings,videos blabla what hands to play,when to play etc etc
    then i come to table... AA lose to 222,7575 or similar...
    i have AK i lose to 33 JJ AA KK....
    and whole day like that,go into SNG wait for KK shove allin and ofc guy wins with 4444 .....

    than i go imdanuts and watch him for 3 days winning with 92o T2o and simiar hands in a 100$+ tourneys....

    i feel very sad that on biggest poker room situation is like this....

  • #2
    The day you learn to take bad beats and bad variance is the day you'll learn something new in poker. I play 12 tables at a time and see it happen way more often than you could imagine. Instead off coming here and moaning about it i reg for the next game. We cant win them all but we can take another shot.


    • #3
      i 4tab zoom so i see lot of hands also,i just gave my expression...
      too many impossible card combinations are being dealt... AA,AK KK loses too much... when i get AK i FOLD but when i am agains AK i lose...


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        Do you think you maybe play too tight?

        Have you tried opening your range?

        If you play a tight range it will seem like you get more bad beats, If you have a tight table image have you tried playing loose for a orbit or two?

        Do you steal from tight opponents with almost any 2 cards?

        Poker is so easy when you run good but near impossible when you run bad, you feel like god when your running hot and feel like your cursed when running cold. Iv been guilty of blaming the software calling it jokerstars and god knows what other curses but it becomes so much easier when you brush aside the beats like they are nothing and move on and simply say "next", if you use good bankroll management you can deal with each loss and move forward like its nothing knowing the next final table could be in the next 10 20 or 100 games and you will still make a profit overall.

        So instead of blaming the site try look at your own game and the way you play and also maybe be a bit wiser about game selection, have a plan/schedule and target easier MTT's and maybe use MTT sng to sustain your bankroll using lower variance games to fund high variance.


        • #5
          Get yourself PT4 or HM2, than when you see your stats are normal, you'll stop whining. It is very normal, you're just on a bad run. Like bisland said, once you learn about bad beats, you'll become a better player.


          • #6
            This is the trick of human mind. We surface these bad beats and push back ones we dish out. Seen it so many times!
            Double Bracelet Winner


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              That's poker I guess, and it happens in live games too, not just online. I've have AA beat by QQ (all-in prelop during a live tourney) ... flops come QQx In a live cash game I lost everything when I shoved AA on a A33 flop ... opponent had 33 We've had threads like this again and again. If you have some specific hands where you got beat then post them here and we'll have a look at them for you. Remember though that poker can be a very frustrating game, we ALL get bad beats and most of us tilt from time to time, it's the nature of the game. AA, KK, and AK are all nice hands preflop but a lot of players over-play them post-flop. Check out the Poker Bites videos for some tips: Don't get discouraged, as long as you keep trying to improve your own personal game each day that's all that matters Raiser umbup:


              • #8
                This is something Felix said in yesterdays training!

                " I don't get angry when someone gets lucky against me, I cheer because that means I outplayed him and got him to make a bad play

                I get mad when I play a hand badly"

                Felix xflixx Schneider

                Read more: Best Quote ever from Live Training - PokerSchoolOnline Forum
                Double Bracelet Winner


                • #9
                  maybe its cause i mainly play zoom + sngs... and ppl tend to wait for good cards in zoom... dunno but i am in bad mood atm


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                    Google "Sklansky bucks" or "Sklansky dollars",put your ego aside for half an hour,absorb what it's saying and then play using the parameters of what's entailed there as your baseline for being successful or not in your sessions and you'll see your play and your real results both improve over the long run,which is what this game is about.

                    The game is not there to be beat,it never can be beat. The other players are what you beat,but you have to master yourself first,as best that you can. This is what ALL players face every time they play,to varying degrees of success.



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