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Bad Session , Funny Session or what else should i call this ? :D

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  • Bad Session , Funny Session or what else should i call this ? :D













    There were a lot of this things in my last 80 tournaments today, maybe more then 40 tournemnts i was going out like this ...
    I'm not saying that evry hand i played today it was a good play , and i should win most of them...Nah
    But there should be more real varience and not like this ...

    I'm on a challenge from 10$ (100 buy ins at 0,10c tournemtns) to as far as i can go until the start of the MIcroMillionsTournaemnts, then deposit some higher amount so i can play a lot of them ,but if this challenge faill i doubt that i will ever play online poker again.

    Its not because the money , im playing with only that i can afford to lose , and its not because i cant handle bad beats, i know that too...its just because if i cant be profitable from recreational players who go all in with 2 7 on a flop when they dont have nothing and i have evrytime strong hand 2 pairs , straight, flush ...and they still win more times then they lose in that situation what else should i look at the higher limits then ??? it just dont have sense nothing anymore

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    Some of these are bad beats,some are not. Some you played optimally,some you did not. ALL are super standard beats,especially in nanostakes games. You want to find a way to laugh these off? Next time you feel done in or "tilty" from some beats in .10 games,go load up a .02 Hyper-Turbo 990 man MTT and Crackhead Bake Sale game. I'm almost sure I got AA cracked in one of those once with the guy holding an UNO card. Man'o,the bottom line is start putting undue pressure on yourself like saying "...if I can't beat this challenge I'm probably done with online poker..." (I'm paraphrasing) then dude,you are wrapped too tight to be anything approximating successful right now with that mindset and have to learn to relax,let go,focus on improvement and making the best decisions possible in your next session as often as possible,then trying to make even more good decisions the time after that. Study,study,study.Especially YOUR game and YOUR mistakes (we ALL make them,some more...some your ass off to be in the latter group). If you put all your eggs into baskets like the expectation of a certain amount of profitability in something as slavish to variance discrepancies as 100 .10 360 man's then you're going to burn your candle out fast. It's a dime,expect to see the vast majority of players play them like that. The ones who aren't,who play a solid game and take reasonable risks and know how to bet and things like position and such,THOSE are the players you need to sweat,not the spewer's,donks,stations,short bus riders and "guests" of the puzzle factory who stopped taking their meds and snuck onto the office computer between electrolysis sessions to sneak in a game. These are the players you want to see and play against. Remember also that in a field as large as 360 players that to run deep and/or win you're most likely going to have to fade several 70% and better spots for all or most of your chips. Fading 4 out of 5,only the 5th one bit you and you're KO'ed or crippled is the NORM,not the exception. The math says so. It's all about giving yourself as many chances to be in these spots so you can be there for when it's YOUR turn to bottle ALL the lightning that we want to focus on. That's hard to do some (many) times in nanostake games because so many players won't fold so we'll have to fade more boards. But it's much,much,much better to be the player who has more skill and needs to fade bad luck than it is to be the player who needs luck to shine on their hind parts over and over. And until you can beat these games and then the next step and so on moving up in stakes is most likely only going to be you putting yourself in the position of being the guy that needs the luck. Worry about improvement in your decisions and play,the results won't always reflect this in small sample sizes and sets,but if you steadily improve the results WILL follow on the long line. Try to be the guy that a year from now looks back on a post like this and can't even recognize that player,because you've come so far. umbup: Good luck,better decisions. umbup:umbup:
    Last edited by Moxie Pip; Tue Nov 05, 2013, 07:46 AM.


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      Originally posted by Manowar1800 View Post
      1: Technically not a bad beat more like justice since he got it in good 2: Little badbeat there though I would not fold with Q9 after the flop. And the guy with QQ should have 3beat preflop 3: Lol what a joke if no straight came you would have been out by a flush im 4: Unlucky bad beat 5: iuahiudhwudhwduiwdh WHAT always on the river!!!! 6: ......... 7: I dont like shoving with JQ in early position even though u had like 10bb. Runner runner for a flush is sick tho 8: They gave you a king on river to say "hey at least you got 2 pair 9: Thats complete rubbish lol 10: Amg unlucky, thats why in these sng tourneys i just shove allin at that stage raises just never cuts it 11: Cant see this one
      But here's the thing it happens to all of us, I recently came back on Monday and fired up 4 $0.50 90mans and I busted 3 of 4 with the best hand up until the river then made the final table for 2nd place...why? Cause in that one I got really lucky and kept getting it in good. Once you keep constantly improving your game you will eventually succeed The lame bad beats will make us quit for awhile but after the raging is over, its time to try again for that "one time" umbup: Ohh and variance is ridiculous in those 360 games I recommend a smaller field to build a bankroll on like 45-90 mans


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        Thank you Moxie Pip and Killeraxa89 for watching the hands and give an opinion.
        It seems that this things happened to you too a lot
        I'll take a little break from playing and thinking abt poker and i ll make my decision abt what am gonna do next after that..
        I just must post few more hands from today session



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