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I <3 This...

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  • I <3 This...

    I mean I'm probably gaining a rep for being a complainer now but whatever. I am just out here to show you some more of the crap I go through lol. Just a regular thing now. Q6 H ( Vs AJO... Enjoy! almost 60 40 fav for me to win that one but... :/
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    Hi TommysgotAs! I see multiple problems with the way this hand is played..... From UTG+1, AJ is too weak of a hand to play under normal circumstances. I'd play it if I were between villain 4-7, but not from UTG+1. Secondly, open-limping is a huge leak and due to this, I do not do it. I only have 10BB, so I have 2 plays that I can make.. shove or fold. Calling is the only bad play I can make here. Thirdly, AJ is not strong enough to call a shove with. AK, possibly, premium made hand, yes.. but AJ or AQ is way too weak to do so with. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      AJ utg with 10bb is a clear open jam here. It's not too weak to open from any position imo unless you're an uber nit.

      Open shipping would have folded out Q6 here all day and probably would have caused you to just take down the pot then and there, and with the dead money in the middle increase your stack by 30% without showdown. Which makes this such a profitable jam its stupid, especially factoring in that you can easily get called off by weaker aces, hands like KQ, maybe KJ and you're flipping against pairs under tens.

      You got your money in ahead here and that's all you can do in poker but getting it in 60/40 is such a small edge and losing is something that's going to happen a lot.
      You'll just have to get used to it, you'll suck out on people just as much as they suck out on you in the long run.

      You also never maximized your fold equity by open shipping, your limp bought in another call and a squeeze jam forcing you to call off, when you're the one who wants to be putting people to the decision to call off in that spot.
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