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    Hey I was playing today and on one table I managed to pick up AA, shoved with short stack and got one caller... I won as you'd expect and thought yeah got a new life, I hope I pick up a hand and stay in it.

    The very next hand I picked up KK in the big blind. I face a raise with two callers and I re-raise. The original raiser comes back at me and I ten shove he calls... I other was all in from my first re raise so I am chipped up but still below average.

    No joke next hand I pick up QQ in the small blind and the guy who lost to me when I had kings tilt shoves... I called and someone else also calls and I hit a book QQQKK and suddenly I am big stack.

    I was posting just wondering what the odds of hitting all three monsters in three consecutive hands is

    P.S I have the video of the hand replays if people want to see it

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    depends on how specific you want to be.
    do the hand have to happen in this order (AA,KK, then QQ)?

    even so the odds of there existing a PS player whom this happens to during a particular year are high.
    the odds of this happening to some particular player are lower. the exact odds depend on how many hands he plays.

    the odds of this happening to that player in a particular set of 3 consecutive hands is lower: about 1 in 86 million, I believe.


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      Wow that is a lot shorter odds than I had thought. In my case it was AA, KK, QQ but I didn't care what order they were in from an odds perspective.


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        I disagree with your numbers.

        The odds on any specific hand (regardless of suits) is 1 in 221 = 1/(4/52 * 3/51)
        the odds on any for the next hand is also 221 to 1
        the odds on any third hand is 221 to 1

        to get all 3 in a row, it's one in 221*221*221 or 1 in a bit under 10.8 million.

        John (JWK24)

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          Originally posted by JWK24 View Post
          I disagree with your numbers.

          The odds on any specific hand (regardless of suits) is 1 in 221 = 1/(4/52 * 3/51)
          You are right. I did not account for the fact that the card order is irrelevant (AsAc == AcAs)
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            The odds that after you are dealt AA that your next two hands will be KK and QQ is of course lower than that only 48841 to 1 (221*221) as you already have the AA to start the ball rolling.

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