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My best hand thus far

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  • My best hand thus far

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    In this hand, I am dealt pocket Queens. UTG1 and UTG2 flat call, followed by two folds. I want to protect this from limpers and donk hands, so go 600. 4 folds, and UGT1 pushes all in, followed by UTG2 folding. I and thinking AA or KK, maybe the big slick. But I do have the bet covered (x2), so I decide to call. Pocket 6. The flop; 3d, 10h, Qh. I have got it, as long as I can hold off. The turn car is the 4d, which makes his hand dead. And then, to rub salt in the wound, the river is the Qd. Was so awesome.
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    I'm still learning how to use this feature, so bear with me please


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      Originally posted by waikato08 View Post
      I'm still learning how to use this feature, so bear with me please
      Hello, You don't need to tell stories about what happened on a table. Nice Hand with QQ I think I would call his push too, but sometimes I see KK+ after limp and 3bet shove, that's why stats are critical.


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        **moved to better fitting forum JWK24** Hi waikato08! Even if this is a league game, I'd call here. However, that's not the part of the hand that needs to be looked at. That is the first raise amount. A standard raise amount for this blind level is to 3BB+1BB for each limper. With 2 limpers, I need to raise to 5BB or 750. Any amount smaller than this can give the correct odds to the opps to try to outdraw me. If I give them the right odds, then lose the hand, it's MY OWN fault that I lose the hand. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          I am seeing an increasing trend this year, where there have been ALOT of new people joining, and because there is the pm1000 refreshed every hour, they play dumb hands, because if they lose it all, they can just come back in an hour and do it all over again.

          I signed up in 2008, and started out for fun. But since then I have been playing at local bars, under 'New Zealand Series of Poker (NZSOP)', and find that while online poker is great, the one thing you CAN'T do is actually look at the person, to try to get some sort of read or tell from them.

          Anyway, back to the topic at hand. My point is, there are so many loose-aggressive player now, and I'm seeing a lot more all in plays, especially on the first hand of a tournament. Often on something like 10 3, just because it is the same suit



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