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is this even a badbeat?

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  • is this even a badbeat?

    Its more and more clearer that everytime Im ahead I always get the beating no matter how I play the hand
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    **Inappropriate comment deleted JWK24**
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      Its not a bad beat - he flops quad QQ and you shove when behind.

      Not sure if that is Zoom or not but I would tend to play QQ the same way he did against a lot of villains. Only if they are quite loose will I 3bet for value. QQ falls into the same range as TT for me.

      On other point - why no auto top-up? It looks like you played short stacked and its easier to get pot committed that way.
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        Second hand - you limp UTG with a premium which is just bad.

        That is a bad beat though in the end. The money was in ahead, you were a big favourite, and you got sucked out on. Its also pretty standard though in a tournament.


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          Yep - no limping UTG with premium there and your stack size, just open shove. Maybe there are some extremely rare situations where open limping QQ would be something to do, but not here. If you would open jam, you would most likely only get called by 88 there, and that would be just a suckout but you also let in other hands.
          Versus more hands your equity decreases.
          And first hand is just a cooler, i have flopped quads myself to stack boats.


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            It's zoom alright. I know I was behind when the cards showed he got QQ. That's my point there. It's like I was bound to lose all pockects 99% of the times when im ahead. I win only in like 1 out of 100 times I play the same hand. What happenned to randomness and probabilities lol . It's more like Im program to lose no matter what. I win more playing idiotic hands which is freaking absurd but true
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              Learn about variance from a drunkard!


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                I give up!!
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