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sick... all I have to say...

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  • sick... all I have to say...

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    Hi, I miss the point where this is a bad beat. To me it looks like the open raiser was making a move, you had no choice, big stack the BB was always going to defend light.

    Then you got unlucky.

    A bad beat generally is when you get rivered in open play and not on a all in pre-flop.

    Ask yourself this, could the problem of really been that you did not have enough stack to re-raise, 3 bet?

    The opp then surely folds.

    Your mistake is earlier play that lead your stack to been so short.


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      Don't worry, I have tons more of sick calls made from others. I've been so unlucky lately. There were a couple times where I flop top set, and the opp goes runner runner straight or one card flush. Like why? Lol. What were the odds in this hand happening? That is what I'm still stunned about. Like I'm clearly ahead on the flop, but then not one, but two running 5's? Another time I flop a set of Aces, opp check raises me with a completely dry board, I shove, opp calls, and goes runner runner flush??? Odds in that? Lol.


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        Don't get me wrong, I haven't yet been discouraged from playing. Maybe I should change it up?


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          You shouldn't be discouraged from playing if villains are playing trash hands. In the long run, you'll win a lot of chips from these guys. Be pleased that these guys are on your tables. You'll take bad beats occasionally, just like everyone does, but in the long run, you make money from other player's mistakes.
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