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50NL 6max Thank you and best of luck.PSO

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  • 50NL 6max Thank you and best of luck.PSO

    This isn't for me I'm just sick of the suck outs no matter at what stakes you play.

    Bust my BR >>best of luck guys<< tracker software may help with multiple volume on many tables and with filtered positional action.

    Believe it or not?

    Sunday 1 chance or I'm gone.

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    Hey Forrest.

    Did u really crushed you're roll? Sure those suckouts are sad but I always try to think on suckouts I did make.
    I really get suckout in allin situtations when I did get it in with the best hand but also sometimes I do get it allin as second best and my hand gets better with the board. It's the variance in poker but indeed sometimes very annoying.

    Why u don't go play lower stakes to rebuild it? I do that all the time, this month tried 10NL lost some buyins due to suckouts and bad play and dropped to 5NL and got those buyins back reall quick. So second change for 10NL on it's way. Besides that I think variance on Zoom is even bigger than the regular tables.

    Best of luck Forrest
    Bracelet Winner


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      The suckouts are as important as your bankroll allow them to be.

      What I mean is that if you are sufficiently rolled for the stakes u r playing, the swings of variance shouldn't affect you that much. Say you have 4k $ BR and u r playing 50NL; losing 4 or 5 stacks doesn't affect u at all. If however, you only have 1k $ and u lose 4BI at 50NL u r already down to 800.

      Therefore if you feel frustrated by the swings, I would suggest you drop down stakes or even change games(try some 45-man, 27-man) to pull your game together.

      All the best FF


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        I have to agree with both posters If you busted your bankroll, that means you were playing the wrong stakes. So many people don't realize how important bankroll management is. Suck outs will always happen, I see it every day when I play If you want my suggestion, start over at the lowest stake for your bankroll and climb up, but don't forget to drop down in stake when your bankroll drops. umbup:


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          **moved to more appropriate forum JWK24**

          6 Time Bracelet Winner


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            Forrest, I went back to check the Team 6-max thread, because I totally remembered you having so many of these same things happening to you then - as we all did (and still do ... ). Here's a hand you posted of you losing our stack with KK < 44: Full house vs Quad maybe isn't as bad as getting it in good and losing to a runner runner flush. But you did wind up making your buy-in back a couple of days later, this time with a quad vs full house AA > AQo: So ... the variance has always been there. What was interesting to see though were your thoughts on zoom versus regular tables at the time:
            Originally posted by ForrestFive View Post
            What you should or shouldn't do dependent on reads is tough on the regular tables but at least you get to see many showdowns to help. I found in Zoom too many stack decisions affects your game. OK I flop Quads and a few hands later I'm back up two stacks then maybe 10 minutes later I'm down three. So just sticking to the regular 5NL tables and now about $40 profit since the start of the challenge.
            Originally posted by ForrestFive View Post
            OK my last flurry at 1 table 5NL Zoom I got lucky. I have returned to regular 5NL tables to avoid the huge slice / hook swings.
            Originally posted by ForrestFive View Post
            Hi, Did I have a moan about playing Zoom before? It's funny the first time I use some free software that can show a graph. It means everything - So from 6000 to 9000 hands I'm flipping approximately 2.5 stacks at 5NL. Then regular tables gave a bit of dynamic and grind. Now the Zoom trend repeats itself. Update is a graph - just results orientated now.
            Seemed like you had a real talent for regular tables, so if you still have the love for poker and wanted to rebuild your roll, maybe that'd be a way to do it that might have less variance? I know you could do it, if you wanted to!! umbup:



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