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KK takes a severe beating from AX

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  • KK takes a severe beating from AX

    How often should AX beat KK? Just went out of The Bigger $4.40 after being crippled when my 3rd KK lost to AJ on Hand 93 - Blinds were 400/200 - I had 8.1k to his 6.5k - all in pf and he hits ace on flop. Earlier, on Hand 67 I got my 1st KK beat by AK all in pf after a small raise from me, blinds 250/125 - I had 14.7k to his 5.4k. The very next Hand 68, I got my 2nd KK beat by the same player who calls with any AX. This time I just called pf, no raises. Ace lands on the flop, he bets, I fold and he shows an ace. So that's 3 times in 25 hands KK lost to AX. As I write, just 16 hands later, still watching the same table, and KK this time loses to AQ all in pf. So 4 times in the space of 41 hands. That sounds like extreme bad luck for KK v AX to me, or am I wrong? What are the odds of that happening? I don't think I could have folded, or is that incorrect thinking? (On another note, I'm writing this as therapy against tilting in the next tourney. Calm down! Calm down!)
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    If the opps range is any A, KK will lose just under 1 in every 3 times.

    John (JWK24)

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      Would be great one day to get somewhere near those odds with KK, though I think 3-outer Aces will be the death of me.
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        same here to ...i did a blog keeping calm try to read it


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          Originally posted by hiddensmiles View Post
          same here to ...i did a blog keeping calm try to read it
          Thanks for that. I think I need some Zen like state of mind to deal with KK losing to AX 3 times within 25 hands! That was a killer. Good luck with your cards.
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            Pokerstoved it:

            KK vs AJ - AJ wins 28.8% of the time
            KK vs AK - AK wins 30.0% of the time
            KK vs Ax - Ax wins 29.7% of the time (31.4% if you include AA as a possibility since you didn't see 2nd card)

            The chance of losing all 3 of those hands consecutively - 2.7% (Using the 31.4% for Ax)

            Hope this helps



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