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  • OH Man

    Hate crying, but life is unfair and so is poker. Favouring the big-stack. I mean, come ooon! 2 outs and he gets it. And to make things even more painful, he gets it at the river. Argh.

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      Getting a bit boring. I think I'm gonna post a lot at this a section.


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        Hidden outs A rather funny way to get the boot: Last chance situation. As I saw the second pair, I was relieved, my hand improved a little. As long as no 5 , 10 or 9 shows up at the river, I'm still alive. My opponent had 11 outs anyway. WRONG!!!!! He had 17 actually. So it doesn't qualify as a "bad beat", but still worth looking at.
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          Hi Psychovas, to be honest if your all in pre flop with any hand its not really a bad beat.

          Its just a beat.

          Your hand strength often became weak with more than one caller.

          The tens for example calling an all in and going 3 ways your tens lost the edge as you may of had heads up.

          As effective stack though, <short stack> the big stacks will call you and get lucky.

          I have noticed that in the hands you are low stack compared to the rest on a couple of them.

          Ask yourself why you are low stack, as this looks like the problem to me.

          If you had a larger stack you may be able to get another large stack to fold.

          But with them having such bigs stacks they are not going to invest into a pot to fold.

          When I first came to this school I too was in this beats section posting constantly,

          Take your mind of the beats, think about if you are playing to tight or your reads are off, and are you constantly over thinking the hand.

          Maybe take a few earlier risks to get some chips together for the later stages.

          But not careless risks, as all in early in a tournement is not needed.....unless you have a solid read on the opponent and a lot bigger pair than tens.

          hope this helps you in some way , its just an observation.
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            Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ace. You actually are right in your observations. I am considering the "too tight" thing myself.I even installed Poker Tracker 4 yesterday, in order to have a statistical read on myself for a huge number of hands. To my defense, I have to say that I get a lot of crazy beats even as a big or medium stack,so I'm inclined to be too cautious. An example follows: The guy makes a desperate donk-bet and gets a full house right in my face. As for odds, 83% in my favor. Another hurting hand. I know he's got a 3 or an 8. At the river I know I have the 2nd biggest possible hand. There's only one card that can beat me. How probable is that he holds that -one and only- particular card? Very. Watch:
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              Yes I too use to see things like this and pick up on them. Im not sure about your player history, and your stakes but remember theres a lot of people at micros who just dont care, or they try that all impressive bluff to look smart.

              Often they get lucky, but its the same as often we can get lucky.

              There was one time, I was convinced I had started to see variance in its raw form.
              And i just think you are noticing more, so dont let it put you off, use these experiences to your advantage when applying reads.

              To be honest the first hand the KK was serious unlucky, the second hand smelt like the ace of hearts all over it.

              Did you know that good players recieve bad beats more than weak players?

              This is because a good player knows to fold so rarely puts out a bad beat, good players actually can take away the luck factor for themselves, but in the long term the skill will always be the winner.

              I know at times, myself included, that poker can play tricks on the mind, we start to think we see things like for example your thinking what the chances of him having the one card etc, its poker theres always a chance, often if you say it , they have got it, its your brain that works it out before we do at times.

              Keep it up and trust your reads, often a first thought is correct.

              Often in the past i have played cautious, fearing a beat, but this will effect our thougths and complete the downswing, play your hands with the same confidence always, if you loose, shrug it off, take a breath, and start again, and thats all we can do...

              and hope that not only skill, but also luck favours us.
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                Thanks again, Ace. I really can use this psychological boost-up. It makes perfect sense and I hadn't really thought of it. A good player is more likely to fold a hand that looks weak or behind. May luck favor us too.umbup:



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