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again the sickness continues!

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  • again the sickness continues!

    1.5k grt about 100 players left with me in the top 50, and again grrrr.

    How am i ever going to win if this is what always happens?

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    a pair of 7's and you ask what went wrong?


    Last edited by effsea; Fri Nov 09, 2012, 06:16 AM.
    Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

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      regardless eff, i was a head and knew it.

      but its ok bk calm again now lol just needed vent stop me tilting.

      Had ten minutes away try again lol gl


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        and yes 7s pretty rubish but again this was a oppurtunity to be at the front of the pack, i have started in other post about this.


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          really hate to ask...

          Do you understand your playing a game of chance?

          nothing is for sure till the last card is dropped.

          anyways.......if you need to won't

          good luck

          Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

          7 Time Bracelet Winner


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            yes eff thx i do understand its a game of chance and knew it was a make or break out right gamble that my 77 would hold.

            I have another thread open itm vs 1st place.

            This is something im experimenting with a bit at the moment trying to nail a first place in one of the bigger ones.

            yes i should of just called if anything and reavulated on the turn which would of then been an easy fold.

            But i would of gone deeper and may have had a better oppurtunity, but its ok was just a do or die situation would of had huge stack.


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              in your 1st post....did you not bitch?

              carry on,

              Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

              7 Time Bracelet Winner


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                yes eff i did but was like 5 mins after the beat and did say after just needed to vent, you know what its like mate they are hurtfull at times.

                Hrs spent and then a kick in the teethe it hurts, and maybe hurts more because i dont multitable too often.


                • #9
                  and also to add im pretty sure if i keep getting myself into these spots i might just win one.


                  • #10
                    67%>33% when the chips went in the middle,sorry but NOT a bad beat.

                    Is it a bad play by the villain? Meh,IF he has you on an over pair then yeah,it's a loose to crappy call by him. IF he has you on an over pair. What was your table image? Had you been tabled together long enough to have one? What were your reads on him/her? Did you consider when you shoved that maybe THEY were sucking YOU in?

                    So it was a 1.5K guarantee? So what then,a $1 buy-in? LOL,dude if you think a big stack in a $1 buy-in isn't going to look at their stack and that board and make this kind of hero call for only 22% of their stack pretty much EVERY TIME then you really need to reassess your competition. And they're going to get there 1 time out of 3.

                    Again,THEIR reads on YOU play big here IMO. The way you played this hand pre-flop if I had no reads at all on you I could easy be putting you on a bigger ace that missed and you're just shove bluffing total air. If you have any kind of over pair I still have a 1 in 3 shot to be better at showdown so all is not lost.

                    His stack,I really don't like your check-raise shove here TBH. You're OOP on a coordinated board. What if it had just checked around? Then you've let not one but TWO players peel a free card on a board that's coordinated and in a $1 tourney hits the range of a very likely hand for at least 1 of the villains here,A-rag,very hard.

                    I'm OK with the flat call pre-flop for the set mine. You're deep enough and getting a decent price. But that flop I would want to take the initiative every time myself. You got a good result (the call) with a crap outcome (the beat) here,but much more often than not I think the check raise here is going to be a bad play.

                    As to the "how am I ever going to win if this always happens?" word---MATH.

                    How many times does one have to fade 10%,15%,20%...33% as here and just straight flips to take down a freezeout MTT? Never mind that to ship one if it's a field of anything over a couple hundred runners then I guarantee you that you WILL have to get lucky yourself on a couple/few suck outs to win. That's the reality which why being BR'ed to be able to survive through long dry spells is the discipline. Unless you're OK with re-loading.


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                      ty moxie, that was some great reading and solid advice and thought process giving me lots to consider tyvm



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