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Jus another day in paradise (Open League)

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  • Jus another day in paradise (Open League)

    wonderful call by villianumbup:
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      That is all too familiar in the open league. But to be fair to the villain, the raise was a steal which many LAG plays will make with any two cards (ingoring the fact that the blinds are too short stacked to fold). Then after you go all in he has to call 717 into a pot of 2694 with is about 26%. With those odd's he can make the call with 72o profitably.

      The initial raise with J2o was a bit loose and a bit on the small size plus with the blinds stacks were so small they both should have been calling with any two cards, but the call was a standard play. He actually had 34% equity when it went all in.

      Better luck next time.
      Last edited by Kedan87; Fri Aug 31, 2012, 01:44 PM.


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        I think when you start letting people call you from any position, when they limp, you raise. But here, you have half your stack in, if you're willing to risk half your stack on the hand, you're pot committed afterwards, you should just go ahead and get them all in preflop. The 717 remaining in your stack should have been in if you were raising him in the first place, with a 400 bet out there, to 3 bet it, with more than 1/3 of your chips, you should be all in.

        does this make any sense to anyone, or am I off on a tangent?

        basically like kedan87 said, there wasn't enough of a bet(him having 15,000 chips didn't help)to get him off the pot.

        I'm still sure there's programs out there that read the opps cards, or knows what cards are left in the deck, this stuff happens too frequently for my liking.
        I read the opp well, but the opp still gets paid off with his junk, more often than my quality.
        Last edited by Stakehorse75; Fri Aug 31, 2012, 02:53 PM.


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          With the scoring system the way it is in the leagues the right play here is to fold ace ten pre flop. With the blinds at 100/200 im sure your -points or even breaking even points wise. I go out to worse beats than this with premium hands bating me in half way through the tourney or sooner lol. Yep we should of folded, blinded are self out waited for a better spot. Cmon its boring already change the scoring system and keep the customers happy. That is all



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