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First MTT FT, First Win, Biggest Cash!

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  • First MTT FT, First Win, Biggest Cash!

    I've been striving for a spot at an MTT final table for several years and have been irritatingly close several times. Last night the cards finally fell my way in a $5.40 Turbo Knockout. There were 2960 entrants making for a prize pool of nearly 12K.

    I played my standard TAG game and was managing an average stack size throughout the early game. With about 300 players remaining (alreaady ITM) I won a big hand and became chipleader at my table. I lost the chips pretty quickly though when my AKs bricked vs pocket pairs twice in a matter of minutes.

    I stayed alive by apparently picking good stealing spots. Not getting called kept me in the game, but it kept my stack short as well. With 50 players remaining I was in 46th place and very desperate. Then I got dealt some nice hands... I tripled up with AK against two pocket pairs after rivering an A - oh yeah! A bit later my 55 shove held up against a villian holding AK, and "presto", I was at the final table with an average stack.

    One guy at the FT was a solid MTT grinder. None of the others seemed too good. The grinder got unlucky when he shoved 88 from the sb and the bb woke up with 99 knocking him out. I didn't play many hands except for reraising all in against the chipleader who kept minraise-folding preflop.

    Once we were down to four, I called a pf shove with AQs knocking one out, then called another shove holding JJ knocking the other out. Now we were heads up. I had a 4:1 chiplead and the villain was passive. The cards played themselves by this point, but I did get lucky on the final hand. I shoved A6o from the sb and the bb called with A10. A 6 on the flop put me ahead and another 6 on the turn ensured the win.

    I achieved two of my biggest poker goals last night. I reached my very first final table of an MTT which was great, and I managed my very first MTT win which was even greater!

    I went home with $1900 - my biggest online cash


    Roland GTX

    PS: My cards played themselves for most of the tourney, but all the 2/180 turbos I played definately gave me an edge during the late game.

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    Very Nice!!!

    Congrats a nice win, the thing with MTTs is you dont cash often but that one big one makes up for alot of losses. Hope you continue on your winning ways. Good Luck
    2012 Double Bracelet Winner

    Bracelet Winner


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      WTG Rowland!! Very nice bink there man!umbup: Congrats on the first ft AND win to boot sir. That'll pad the roll quite nicely huh? umbup: here's to many more.
      May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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        That's quite a feat! Congratulations, Roland! umbup: ....


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          nice one roland! keep the "w"s coming!!!umbup:
          Bracelet Winner


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            Congrats Roland! umbup: John (JWK24)

            6 Time Bracelet Winner


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              Good job sir! Seize the moment!


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                Awesome, well done. umbup: A turbo win in a 3k field. umbup:umbup:


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                  Very impressive, hope this is just the first of many!! umbup:umbup:umbup:
                  Bracelet Winner


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                    "A weak player may be a nit but a nit is not necessarily a weak player"


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                      As they say in my village, olé.


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                        weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Roland

                        first win always feels AMAZING



                        we are so happy for you ROLAND

                        enjoy the win and always take care of your new found Bankroll that is very important

                        more shipaments on the way good luck


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                          Big congrats Roland!!! umbup: umbup: umbup: The first of many more to come, I'm sure One of these days, hopefully the same'll happen for all of us too, with time and practice umbup:


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                            Thank you all for the support! That is something I missed my first few years online. Following along here at PSO has definately helped me keep my head screwed on straight. Trying to honestly improve my play rather than focusing on "bad luck".

                            TrustySam said "with time and practice..." Well, during my five years online I've played about 4000 mtts including sngs. I've played about 500 big scheduled MTTs of which 200 are from 2012. My ITM has acually declined a bit since I joined PSO from about 19% down to 15%. However, I have been getting deeper when I do cash (especially in the 180 turbos).

                            I've been basking in the glory of my first "big win", but I need to remind myself that one win doesn't mean I am a better poker player today than I was yesterday. It does give me the confidence that my game is progressing in the right direction though. And it was obviously a huge thrill to finally take one down.

                            Thanks for reminding me about bankroll managent Marvinsytan! I just unregged for the Sunday Million LOL! No, I'll be sticking to the micro and low stakes tourneys for the time being. I still have plenty to learn.

                            Roland GTX


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                              Well done Roland! Nice one!





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