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i played this tourney in respect to moxie pip

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  • i played this tourney in respect to moxie pip

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    Not sure why you relate this hand to Moxie, but well played.

    Bracelet Winner


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      im just saying im listening to him and if i can win his poker respect then that means alot.

      came 2nd in the tourney running all the moxie tips he had given me through my mind,and other peoples tips of cause,

      but its moxies kick up the ... that makes me want to play and prove i can do it.

      so in respect i posted this hand to show moxie that i do listen and a big thx to his help and not forgetting everyone else off cause ty all.


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        Hey, you have to give it to holdem. He does listen.
        I remember (the) one piece of advice I gave him long ago, I said man, your posts are unreadable, they run together, no spaces - not to mention paragraphs, no punctuation worth the term, misspellings at Cirque du Soleil levels, try a bit of formatting or no-one's going to read it.

        Well, he "ignored" me, but it seems he didn't after all


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          Just now seeing this,LOL.

          Well thanks if what I said motivated you so you won't mind if I critique this I guess.

          Pre-flop is fine. Standard raise which is what we want to do to hide our hand strength. Remember if you DO want to mix it up at times do so in relation to position,NOT in relation to your hand strength. The latter is exploitable.

          Bet on the flop I like a lot. Make the draws -EV and build the pot for all the times they will call and miss.

          Turn we have a problem. I'm never checking behind his check here. He's waved the white flag twice and we have to see if he still wants to chase his draws here. If he's trapping with a made straight or flush then we still have outs as a 4th heart gives us second nut. I just am not letting him see a free river here as there are so many ways he could have a piece of this (with the 3579 board there are so many gaps here that he may have a 4th card that fits into,so lots of gut shot draws we could be up against...and we were as it turns out as all non-heart 6's were an out for him...also he can have any kind of Ace here,maybe even one that he's already hit a piece of this board with...A3,A5,A7 or A9...even more outs...).

          We want to make him draw -EV for these hands. If he folds that's fine as well. I would have bet somewhere between 2/3's the pot to a full pot bet here. So 350-510 chips. If he flats then we have to see what the river brings. He's playing first remember. If it's a scare card and he bets small enough for us to be +EV to call then we can as we have value against a lot of what he could bet here. If he bets big then we still have more than 100BB so we're fine. If he checks and we're worried about a check raise well we have tons of showdown value so we can just check and see what we see. Or we are open to seeing if we can squeeze just a bit more with the kind of raise that can get him to call with worse.

          We want to get all the chips we can from players early in these when we have big hands whilst betting enough to make their draws as -EV as we can. This is when you'll have the most players who are capable of making the biggest mistakes holdem. Early. Get their chips because poker being the Darwinian game that it is the players who are around later are not likely to be as easy to get their chips from.

          On the river I actually like the call. He could be making this play with enough hands that we have beat in his range that we have definite showdown value here.

          Clean up the turn and this would be optimal IMO.

          Nice hand.


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            I never mind you been a critic on any of my play mox, thanks for this again duely noted.

            If i have silly thoughts you put me straight, you critisise my game and not me as a person, well most of the time lol .

            I like the entire data base of knowledge you posess.

            I can play but know nothing in comparison, I can play because of time served I suppose, and all the extra help just smoothes out the creases. thx
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