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I must have lost my last 50 all ins

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  • I must have lost my last 50 all ins

    WOW ,this is all i can say, again,i can not win a race again, this is starting to suck seriuosly,im starting to think i need to get my money in bad.

    No offence but you wonder why i think the way i do! come on,can not luck box a win,

    downswing ? come on you can not be serious

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    Originally posted by holdemace486 View Post

    WOW ,this is all i can say, again,i can not win a race again, this is starting to suck seriuosly,im starting to think i need to get my money in bad.

    No offence but you wonder why i think the way i do! come on,can not luck box a win,

    downswing ? come on you can not be serious
    The shove looks desperate, and maybe given your image is a way to get action in a $0.25 game against anybody with a pair, overpair or better - so I can't say you made a mistake here, as you got the action, but I would normally only play that strong a flopped hand with a standard bet for value, rather than risk folding everybody out.

    When you get bad beat this badly there is nothing you can do.

    Fifty like this in a row is not going to happen - post all of your fifty all-ins that went bad and I doubt any were this bad.

    Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
    4 Time Bracelet Winner


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      thx ed i needed a scream after this one, and yes the estimated 50 are not this bad.

      just cant win an all in ,pfff it does my head in lol


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        Perhaps those 50 villains were gambling,

        Grade b
        I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

        13 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Hey Holdemace!

          Why shove the flop here with a flush draw out there????? That's asking to get beat. It's much better to make a bet that will give the opp a -EV draw and not to get all the chips in until I'm sure that my straight will be the best hand (no flush, no paired board). Shoving too much, too early, especially early in a tourny is a recipe for disaster.

          John (JWK24)

          6 Time Bracelet Winner


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            yes JW thx i wanted to price out draws as that was my worry,and disaster struck, had revenge the next tourney though on the final table now,

            got some great winning hands to post

            would of been happy to see the flush draw or two pair, but yes i agree i pushed to earky in the hand my bad,wanted chips tho lol


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              Woah, that's bad - yikes!! So awesome you made the final table in the next one ... got right back on the horse and galloped your way towards a nice cash, eh? umbup:


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                obv the player who called you is a complete maniac. He probably didn't think much just called your shove as it would look like you missed on the flop or have an under pocket pair. This would have turned out with the same result as he would not be thinking what could beat him at all and the chips would have gone in, if not by you def by him on the turn. Don't feel so bad, this happens esp around upwards the $3-$5 buy-in's. I notice I have an easier time with a $7 buy-in rather than a $3 buy in. Thousands of idiots that\s for sure. Maybe in their language the all-in/raise button means fold, who knows why they do the things they do. Just chalk it up to Noobie suck out and move on.


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                  There are always those optomists that you can't price out, no matter what you bet. That doesn't make your play wrong, although I wouldn't be happy to shove here.

                  Bracelet Winner


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                    what to do

                    here i would off just made a 60chip bet,but by the way the villian played the hand he wuold off put the rest off his chips in and you still would off been ahead and lost on the river,sometimes this happens in poker nothing you can do about it
                    3 Time Bracelet Winner


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                      As bad as his call is here (and it's frigging terrible) your shove is maybe 1% better.

                      120 in the pot and you ship 74BB with the nuts. Nice value betting. You're lucky that there was a muppet dead enough from the neck up to call. Once he does it's out of both of your hands so there's nothing to be done.

                      Why not bet 2/3's or 3/4's of the pot here holdem? You say you wanted to price out the draws? So you want everyone to fold here? That's throwing value out the window. You want to price it so they CAN call but they are calling -EV. This way when they miss their draws,which will be most of the time,you are extracting full value (or as close to it as you can...) from the hand.

                      Plus,as JWK already pointed out,if things DO go south on the turn or river you can reassess at that time and find your fold button if you have to. Once you commit your stack you can't do that.

                      Think how this may have played out had you bet 2/3's the pot off the put in 80 chips,he we have a 3rd heart come on the turn. And see that it's the 5h it really doesn't play as a part of anything else except completing a flush so if we see aggression from the villain we know it's likely either a stone bluff or he has the flush.

                      Were it me I would want to test the waters and also keep him drawing -EV if he's on another type of draw or made hand (2 pair,top-top,whatever...). So around another bet of 2/3's the pot sounds about right. Say around a bet of 180-200. If he calls we know that he has something and can STILL reassess on the river. If he comes over top we're probably beat and can find our fold button.

                      If he only flats and we continue to the river we're already suspicious of how this hand has gone with the 3rd heart on the turn here,so maybe we CHECK our option on the river and be prepared to consider a call if he makes a bet that gives us enough value to call (I would only be inclined to call small value bets here myself...). We DO have some showdown value with this hand after all.

                      This way we could get out of this hand with somewhere between 1000 and 1200 chips left at the end of this hand instead of going broke. And THAT'S in a scenario in which the hand went against us cruelly. Say it's 1000 chips left. That is still 50BB left so we're far from dead. Myself I've come back from much worse in these plenty of times to get my piece of the pie at the end.

                      Yeah,you got unlucky here,no doubt.

                      But if you miss the lessons that you punted tons of value with this shove whilst simultaneously leaving your ass flapping in the breeze if you ARE called then you're only compounding the beat and making it a leak as well.

                      Without consistently good decisions you'll never see consistently good results. And that's just the facts of the situation.


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                        Thx for some great stuff there, its like having a never ending poker book that continues to write the next page as you read ,its great i love it thx


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                          You should title your book "Shades of Aces" It could be in Oprahs book of he month


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                            lol dopple great title for a book



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