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Four aces

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  • Four aces

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I wasn't sure where to put it.

    Mad flop in tonight's evening Open Skill tourney.

    In the space of a week, I've been beaten 3 times by four aces, (once when I had four kings), and once by a royal flush. How common is that? Or is it unusual? Not complaining, just wondering, I didn't expect to keep running into such huge hands in such a short space of time.

    This guy had pulled his all in trick before with a raggy ace, hence my play with the jacks. I figured the limper would fold, based on watching the table. I put the guy on an A rubbish, he had something a bit better, but I wasn't far away. I know I could have just folded and waited to score a few more points, but at the same time, you often can't help but go with solid reads.

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    ***moved to better fitting forum JWK24***

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      When I'm in downswings, for some odd reason it makes me feel better to see other peoples similar bad beats

      Maybe you're the same?

      1. Royal Flush > Quad Aces at the WSOP (with a random appearance from Ray Romano)

      2. QQQQ>9999 at the World Open (with commentary from Phil Laak)


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        That's so bizarre. must be fixed lol. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!!

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          Ha ha ha, it's certainly bizarre.


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            And again today, beat by four of a kind queens. What's going on with all these four of a kinds, are they actually more common than I think?


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              The Royal Flush one's extra funny with that guy all jacked up on Mountain Dew - I used to drink that Code Red when I was trying to kick my Diet Coke 'addiction' and it's got a ton of caffeine ... more than Coke Yum! So tasty, but so much sugar - not healthy, so I switched to fruit There was a point when I was playing SNGs where I was seeing at least one or two quads a day, so I guess maybe they're more common than many of us might think? And then because I thought they were so rare, I kept forgetting to include them in my ranging. So then for a while I was good about remembering to think trip/boat/quad every time I saw a paired board, but then they stopped coming for a while, and everytime I see one again I feel blindsided. I wish I could always remember to include them in my range just in case ... Thanks for the reminder that they're not so rare Hopefully your luck'll turn around soon umbup:
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