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Overcoming BBMS

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  • Overcoming BBMS

    Bad Beat Memory Syndrome (BBMS) is the accepted psychological term that describes why we tend to remember the bad beats we suffer rather than those that favour us. To overcome this, the recognised therapy is a technique of positive reinforcement that helps the sufferer to counteract this natural negative tendency. Part of the suggested therapy is sharing with other sufferers the positive outcomes. First hand. No bad beat there of course - that was just the set up that made it necessary for the 'hero' to play the following hands. Hand 2 So - the scenario there was that the villain who limp folded from the button and watched me shove to showdown with AQo v QQ limps again from the hijack. My stack size at 9.5BB means I have enough fold equity to hopefully get through the blinds and the limper. My cards are rags, but what the hell! Can the limper call off half their stack? Only with very strong hands surely? Oh well an ace is a big card so off they call and I'm left with one live card - result - bad beat and instarage for the villain. However - I'm still way back in the field and the blinds go up from 100 to 150 this orbit, so any opportunity that looks reasonable I'm getting it all in again. Even under the gun. 15.4BBs shove KQ suited and get called - correctly - by smaller stack. Suddenly thanks to two unlikely crushed hands getting me through on the river, I have a shot at a Sunday Storm ticket. Not pretty for the opponents, but something worth remembering the next time I suffer this sort of stuff. Hand 4 Near the final table bubble in last nights UKIPT Division 2 Tournament. I was running about 7th of 12 with one player at my table sitting out. That is not just a bad beat, it is very bad timing, as from 10th to 160th is all the same reward - 5 points. But as the IAPP - the Institute of Advanced Poker Psychologists tells us - we must focus on the good bad beats, not just the bad bad beats. Good luck all Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan Addendum 1) Unfortunately the 'chance' to win the Storm Ticket did not materialise as I bubbled - doh 2) BBMS and IAPP are figments of my imagination and any resemblance to actual people, organisations or terminology are purely coincidental.
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    Great and true post.Thank you



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