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Biggest Bad Beat of your Poker Careers

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  • Biggest Bad Beat of your Poker Careers

    Well I would like to hear some stories of bad beats, and the sort. The biggest bad beat of my career was at a live poker table where the board came A A 3, I had pocket 3s, and I called a guys all in, he flips over ace two, and has one out, turns his only out. Ouch! The joys of poker

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    1 out? 3x2 plus 1xA plus running paired board


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      First time I sat down at a $100NL table back in 2007. 10 minutes in I lost a preflop all-in coin flip with my AK vs 77. 10 minutes later I get AK again and play it tricky. Heads up on K high flop I check-raise overbet all-in. Villain falls for my trap perfectly and calls with KQ. Hits his 3 outer on the turn, blank river.

      Never played at 100NL ever again lol.


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        I remember a hand at 2NL where I flopped a full house with pocket 5's. Got it all in on the flop against a villain with not much of anything. I forget exactly what he had, but was holding onto a random 7. Turn 7. River 7. He wins with better full house!


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          Black Friday.

          Although hopefully the U.S. Congress will get their heads out of their collective behinds at some point, and make it possible for Americans to play on Poker Stars again.

          Yes, I believe in the long run, usually bad beats come back around.

          Double Bracelet Winner



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