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running really bad

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  • running really bad

    in 5-10 cash game utg limped in. 3 ppl called behind me and the botton raised to 75. sb and bb both folded. I re-rasied to 235. CO called the botton called. flop came: I checked and co checked the botton bet 450. then I raised it to 1100. and the CO go allin with 12k. the botton fold and i called it. the turn and river is :. and the co turned off with pocket 9s. after this hand i begain running really bad. lost several big hands and most of them i was sucked out on the turn or river. then i decide to quit the cash game for a while and i go to play some tournament. first 3 tournaments i played almost 12 hours total and best hand is jj. and it's lose to k8. the 4th tournament i still running bad at begining and lost have of my chips with pocket jj. after that hand i picked up a5 off. i raised with a5 and 1 called flop came t k 4 rainbow. the oppenent checked called flop and turn. the turn is an 8 and river is a 3. all blank card and the pot is like 5000. and he was allin with 2.5k b4 my action. i think for a while and im sure he missed his straight draw and cant hit any pairs. so i called with ace high with all my chips. then he showed qj. i won. i think its the best read and call in my poker life so far. and after that i felt im running good. and i traped my op several times and my chips go to 50k. became a chip leader. but then i had kk on sb, one guy allin with 66 and have 10k chips pre flop. i called his allin and he hit the 6 and won. after that i felt the curse come back. at final table. 7 ppl left. i have 45k chips not too many but still not bad. i had qq at bb and sb limp in with k-10s. i raised the blind and he go allin with 40k. i had to call with best hand and a king came to the flop i lost almost all my chips and after that hand i got bust out without cashed. and today i played another tournament. a stupid play re-raised my raise with a-10 off and i had jj. flop is 49j, two hearts. i bet and he go allin i got covered and i cant fold the nuts. and its runer runer straight for him. i dont know if the poker is good to me anymore. someone tell me what can i do.

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