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Lost when 98.8% Fav

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  • Lost when 98.8% Fav

    Just wondering if anyone had a badbeat like this couldnt believe it ^^

    Microgaming - £0.02 NL - Holdem - 6 players
    Hand converted by PokerTracker 3:

    CO: £3.41
    BTN: £1.98
    SB: £1.62
    Hero (BB): £2.25
    UTG: £1.91
    MP: £2.71

    SB posts SB £0.01, Hero posts BB £0.02

    Pre Flop: (£0.03) Hero has Kd Ad

    fold, MP calls £0.02, CO raises to £0.08, fold, SB calls £0.07, Hero raises to £0.42, fold, fold, SB calls £0.34

    Flop: (£0.94, 2 players) Kh 2d 8d
    SB checks, Hero bets £0.76, SB raises to £1.20 and is all-in, Hero calls £0.44

    Turn: (£3.34, 2 players) 4c

    River: (£3.34, 2 players) 3c

    SB shows As 5d (Straight, Five High) (Pre 26%, Flop 1%, Turn 7%)
    Hero mucks Kd Ad (One Pair, Kings) (Pre 74%, Flop 99%, Turn 93%)
    SB wins £3.24

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    Hi tony I have had 100s of bad beats like this,however vice versa have probably bad beat 100s of people like this.
    Do not worry about it mate and continue to play your game, if you feel like you are not getting anywhere with poker, take time to look at your own game, Analise your own play, example should you be raising X amount preflop,should you have shoved on the flop with cards to come,and so on.
    This as helped me with the aid of poker school, ask questions ,find the answers and so on.
    I can not stress how much you must not let this bother you, I now laugh it off as I know the next one I will probably win,good luck hope this helps to numb the pain a bit.
    Yes unlucky, but the unlucky side can be un done with damage limitations.


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      i can relate

      last two times i ended up playing heads up in multi table sng's i had AK suited against AQ off one hand and the other one AK off against A6 off. had boring looking rainbow flops and pushed. Lost one on the turn and the other on the river. It is those types of hands that send me for a loop. Was ahead in chips but after those hands was crippled and had to settle for second. Can put me in a downswing mentality mode real fast if I allow it. I try to remember that I have taken lots of chips from players in those types of situations and it pays off in the long run but when it happens time and time again I start to wonder about it. Reading that it happens to others does help me to understand I am not alone and can empathize when it happens to other players. Still hurts though.



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