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$1.50 STT 6-max Hyper-Turbos

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  • $1.50 STT 6-max Hyper-Turbos

    So I was trying these out to practice my push-fold ... I guess they're kind of high variance, eh? I guess that must be true of any format in which there's a lot of all-ins pre-flop? That seemed to be the case with heads-up too ... stuff happens I guess There was somebody who introduced themselves in the Welcome thread who was totally killing it in heads-up ... they were like semi-pro or something. Wonder what their secret is ... I would like to know!!

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    In the interest of full-disclosure ... I just won one of these, and look at my winning hand - yikes!! Spacegravy, help! I don't know what I'm doing!! (Not sure how tight/loose we're supposed to be calling? And then in cases where there's already two people all-in?)


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      I was so busy trying to implement my Spacegravy push charts, I completely forgot about the call charts I've been using that I got from another site. I wonder what Grayson would think of them - whether he uses something similar, or more loose, more tight. His calling range seems to be pretty tight, but he's never said for sure if he has a range or anything ... I wish I'd caught him when he was the special guest in live traiing, but you know how I have that problem doing two things at once, and I was playing something that day, so I missed it

      Anyways, here's the chart I got on the internet that I've been using as a guide for my calling ranges ... it seems to be working okay so far, so I've been sticking with it. It's pretty much the only guide I've been able to find so far on calling ranges:

      SNG Bubble Push All-In And Calling Ranges - When You Face An All-In

      Next we turn the tables - it is your Big Blind and the SB has pushed into you... what can you call with? again this depends on the range you give your opponent for pushing...

      - Mr Tight will only push 77+ A10s+ and maybe here - against this range you need top 1% to call with, that is Queens or better! (note: situational factors may make this tighter still!)

      - Mr Average will push 55+, A8o+ and KQ - you need JJ+ (top 2%)

      - Mr Loose will push any pair, A5o+ and KJo+ - you can now call with a huge 4%!! 99+ / Aqo+.

      - Mr Maniac will push any Pair, Ace, King or Queen and connectors down to 98s - feel free to call with 88+ AJo and A10s - fold everything else.

      - Mr "Any 2" will push any 2! Now you can widen that range to 14%, that is 55+ a7o+ and K10s+

      The important point here is that your calling ranges - all else being equal - are very tight. At the lower levels here is are the rules of thumb I use for calling....

      - Assume Mr Loose in the absence of any other information.

      - Assume Mr Maniac for known regulars (specific people I will call assuming the ' any 2' range) as I know that they know that they should be able to push any-2 into me!

      We need to factor in many more things including; stack sizes (the presence of a micro (1 or 2* BB only)) stack or 1 very big and 3 equally small others, The position of those stacks relative to you, effect of blinds being higher or lower and the effect of the willingness of the other players to get in against each other…
      Push Call Ranges

      The last hand these two players played was 44 vs A2o, which according to the chart made them 'loose' to 'maniac', but not 'any two' ... so I guess the call with the A9o was a mistake.

      I wish there were cheaper games than $1.50 to practice on. Oh well ... hopefully I do better next time


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        I have played around 500 of these on another site, with 11% roi in them Sam,the variance is crushing. I have several friends who play these exclusively and all they try to get is 1% roi because the rakeback and bonuses make them all the $.. If you want I can PM you where you can play these from .11 up but bear in mind these guys recommend at least 300 buyins if you want to grind these


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          That's a VERY nice return! umbup: I think I'm at 5%, but that's due in large part to ^^^ (A9o>QQ) These games are kind of addictive ... so I'm tempted to play more. But it's tempting in that diet Coke kind of a way ... I don't know if they're good for me since I tilt like nut every time I take a bad beat That scares the crap out of me to hear that people are aiming to just break even, and they have 300 BI's to cover variance Probably I should quit while I'm up $1.50 and call it a day. Go treat myself to a bag of Cheetos or something to calm my stress That's awesome that you've done so well with these - you must handle the variance better than me umbup:


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            lol only when I play the .11 games..when I move up and get killed in the 1,3, and $5 games I snap. They are very addictive, but I have gotten the absolute worst beats ever in them

            I use the .11 games to rebuild my bankroll after i tilt it all away


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              I had to turn off the computer so I wouldn't be tempted to play ... so, so addictive!



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