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Unbelievable :O

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  • Unbelievable :O

    Ow I just had the sickest bad beats in a row ever.

    Ok we just go do all of them step by step:

    First the $0,55 MTT, we were in the money with about 150 left got KJ, got a caller flop KTT I bet he calls, turn 3 I go all in and he calls and turns around JJ. River J.

    $1,10 2K guaranteed. Also in the money about 210 left, I am short stack and get AQ I shove get 1 raise to all-in and 1 call. They turn around AJ and 99, flop 3QJ, turn 9.... river doesnt even matter

    ok $1,35 knockout. got 3 bounties and were just in the money. get QQ, guy tries to steal my blind so I shove he calls with A3 flop KJJ, turn 5 river A

    an other $1,10 tournament. I try to steal blinds with QJ and 3x bb bet on CO, get called by big blind. flop T92, I make half pot bet get called. turn a K, I shove he calls all in. shows K9, river 9

    and pokerschill league, got KK played it aggressive ended up pushing someone half my stack all in, he shows 99. Flop 765 (well you probably see this one coming but still) turn 4, river 8. Got back to 7,2K chips now closing in on the bubble but... I am just really like

    and a few more 6 outers, and I am really feeling like the most unluckiest person in the world

    I was very very close to tilting, but I managed to not throw my whole bankroll in it

    Sorry for my enormous rage, but I just had to let it go somewhere without waking the whole family

    yours most unluckiest person you will ever find,


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    Wow, it is continuing like this for already a few days. I am having really horrible bad luck, if I get kings I run into aces, when I get aces they get cracked by queens, people hitting their draws time after time. shoving AK losing from A5. losing a very big amount of coinflips.....

    I don't know what to do, my bankroll decreased pretty far and I am just not getting rid of the bad luck.....

    I really don't mind a bad beat, you get them you give them but if you lose from 2 outers more than you win from them I am really wondering if profitable play is even possible


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      Hi Taomage!

      I've had streaks like that, that have lasted for a couple months at a time. This is where proper bankroll management is a must. If a player is using BRM correctly, then a player will be able to grind thru stretches like this.

      One thing about the law of averages... it'll eventually even out.

      John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        I know, and I keep to my BR otherwise I would already been at 0 yesterday but still it is almost halfed at the moment... I did found a way to at least keep it steady...

        But it's just this horrible bad luck, and sometimes just 2 or 3 hands in a row... making it statistically impossible to occur and still it happens... well, I had some luck in the $0,55+R satellite for big $11 with a forced bb all-in (4,7K stack with 4K bb) going 4-way and winning with 65

        I hope that was the turning point and I will now have some luck.. or just some less bad luck


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          wow 2 sunday storm satellites ended exactly the same and 1 a tiny bit different :O so 2 times I had QQ and it ended up going all in, both times called by jacks great... but both flops show a, yes indeed, a beautiful jack and the other one, AA with 4 left to the money but I was on a string to make the money so I had to play it, got all in and the other guy shows QQ umbup: turn card a queen So either the big poker god hates me or just another one... maybe I should a bit more?



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