Why does 10NL hate me so? I'm running $100 under ev at this level, full ring and 6 max are the same. I don't win flips and I spend ages grinding up a buyin only to have it taken from me by monkeys like this. I have beaten 5NL at a decent rate over a decent sample size but all the money I made from that has gone up in smoke in situations like this. AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! And breathe, and relax. Sorry about that, first ever forum rant over, phew!! Maybe I should just grind up $25 and take a 1 buyin shot at 25NL 1 tabling 6max like I have been trying recently to some success at 10NL. When I say success I mean I was playing well, but lost with QQ vs AK and AK vs TT. Ended up down $9 so I think I was playing ok apart from those 2 all-ins. Sometimes I hate this game that I love so much!!