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That's how lucky i am...

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  • That's how lucky i am...

    They had 1.7% pre-flop to win.... 1.7%..... 1.7%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, A6o wasn't really an all-in hand but still better than 2 player holding Q8o! For 2 month now, when i go all-in in a tournament, odds start to work in the opposite way! Things are worst if i'm against a much bigger stacks like this: It's the same story in the Premiere League, i keep getting negative points only because of pure bad luck. i really worked hard last month to get 150vpp from basically 0$ in my account, and won't probably make the money this month, for the first time in PSO! And they say Pokerstars is "Fair Play"...
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    Stuff happens


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      Well that last one is kinda hard.. I think i would have done the same, exept i would check the flop.. IMO the flop is too scary for a shove. With KQs you are basically underdog A2, and with the 3 hearts on the flop i would probably have played it really carefully

      Hope it makes sense


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        1.7% preflop where?

        hand 1 fold preflop

        Hand 0: 66.748% 66.65% 00.10% 913541 1415.67 { Ac6d }
        Hand 1: 16.846% 01.72% 15.12% 23626 207285.67 { Qh8d }
        Hand 2: 16.406% 01.28% 15.12% 17600 207285.67 { Qs8h }

        hand 2 push preflop

        Hand 0: 67.982% 67.61% 00.37% 1157773 6286.00 { KsQs }
        Hand 1: 32.018% 31.65% 00.37% 541959 6286.00 { 8h4s }


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          [QUOTE=JohnMolsonEX;321007]They had 1.7% pre-flop to win.... 1.7%..... 1.7%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Bit of a misuse of preflop odds here -

          The villains may each be 1.7% to WIN the hand, but only because they are unlikely to beat each other so most of their range to hit is a chop - but one that still beats you

          In other words you are still only a 2:1 favourite to win this first hand, with about 66% equity preflop.

          Still unlucky as you dominate them and their outs are reduced with the cards duplicated.

          On the other hand - too deep to shove Ace - rags

          QK suited is really a preflop shove with your stack and blinds about to hit - but the opp play is horrible.

          Good luck

          Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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