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Okay, Now I'm on Tilt

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  • Okay, Now I'm on Tilt

    Enough for today ... I just figured there was no way that person was on a spade flush draw. Should have just called and pot-controlled, and called it a day if I felt I had the best hand ... then again, I'm on tilt, so maybe the assumption that I was good was decent. Will take another look tomorrow

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    Even though you shipped your money in with the worst hand at the end, this is still a rough beat imo. You did a great job making the pot big with a great hand on a coordinated board, and with the pot as big as it was on the river, you were well ahead of the villain's range (lower sets, two pair, club flush draws, top/top, etc.)

    Well played, and sorry you're tilted.

    Happy holidays!

    Good habit to get into, btw, leaving it for the next day and then taking a look at it again. Definitely a good idea. Most people just dismiss it, go to bed, and don't learn anything from it because they never look at it again.


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      Hey, Sam, That's reallly ugly. You were way far ahead until the river, just unlucky.

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        Pure bad luck Sam, never in a million years could it be assumed they're on A2 of spades in this spot. You played it well. Given how the hand got played, imo the villain is making a bad flop call.

        Preflop I don't really mind the call, if your on a steal the villain is trying to keep you honest but you opened the pot and re-raised the flop. How they can call you with bottom pair, regardless of kicker I don't know. Then again I am just an amateur, but that's my 2 cents


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          the only hand in spades I'd have even remotely put the opp on would be 28 (2 pair).... and if they had 28s, they should have folded to the preflop raise.

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            Thanks so much everybody!! Your feedback and words of encouragement and support have me feeling a lot more even-keeled Am back to embracing my downswing as an opportunity to take a closer look at all those leaks and spews that have been nagging me for a while now that were easy to put off for another day umbup: Yeah, panicky that's exactly the range I put them on - lower sets, two pair, club flush draws, top/top. With most players, that's probably an accurate and thorough range. This being the microsstakes though, now I'm thinking I may have done what you mentioned in one of your blogs Joy, about thinking that other players are playing a hand the way most people would play it, instead of considering that they might be waaaayyyyy more loose, etc (this runner runner was to me like that AKs hand you had where you got reraised by the T4o ... it left me wondering 'what were they thinking' ) Maybe it's like AusBas said - that from the sb's perspective, it may have looked like I was raising light as a blinds steal attempt? That got me thinking that maybe they just thought I had like JQ or JT, and they thought they had more outs than they did? I guess if it looked like I just had a made pair of jacks, then I suppose it might have been possible the sb might have also had something like AsKs, AsQs, even 9sTs? Also, I missed the 82s like you picked up JWK. Probably they *shouldn't* have been playing 82s, but I didn't even think of that so that I could rule it out, so that's something I guess I should look out for - incomplete ranging It's not the first time I've made mistaken assumptions like that too - here's another hand where I was sure based on the betting that the person had a straight. But for them to have a straight meant they would have had to call my early-middle raise with J9 or 69, and I figured that was so unlikely that maybe I was good: omg, so they really did call with 96o ... yikes! I've had these leaks in my game for ages, which is why I'm in no hurry to move up stakes any time soon. But when I'm winning hands as well, then I've had the cushion to compensate for the spews. I didn't want to make it an official declared goal for 2012, but I was sort of hoping to try and improve my ranging, make more of those tough laydowns, pot control even more, etc. Even during a downswing, I feel like maybe some of these games might still have been winnable ... I'm on the quest for a more perfect game in 2012 umbup: Thanks again so much everybody for stopping by - I really appreciate the help!!! And yeah, happy holidays to everybody too like panicky said!!


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              This is when I knew my downswing was over ... I missed the flush draw on the river umbup: Gotta celebrate and be grateful for the little things umbup: PS The call on the turn was kind of bad, eh? Too leaky. Also, I thought the AJ had trip 2's and the other person had the A ... forgot to include quads in my range Work in progress!


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                I like raising the flop.

                Yay for dodging quads. I love dodgequad. It's like dodgeball, but with cards. Or all-terrain vehicles. Both are fun.
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                  Is that like mAtheletics?


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                    I think mathletics are overrated. I think they're great, but they need a physical component. Like solving quadratic equations while treading water. umbup:


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                      Originally posted by TrustySam View Post
                      Is that like mAtheletics?
                      nope its not thee way u hold your tougne, lol thats tougne mAtheletics? umbup:Alll thee best
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