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$215 SUNDAY TEN MILLION here I come

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  • $215 SUNDAY TEN MILLION here I come

    ok, here it is

    this is the time you've been waiting for at least for 2 weeks

    I juggle my time playing poker and work. I didn't sleep much for 2 weeks just to play a game or two to practice for this big event.

    please don't dissapoint yourself by busting out early

    of course my best strategy is to play tight and be lucky but don't be too tight that you let all the sharks bluff you out on the river

    yes, they will have all the tools and experience to exploit you on the table. you can't do anything about that

    and the most important thing playing in this tourney.

    JUST ENJOY YOURSELF and take it from there. I don't have the poker skills to play in this event but with at least 50k runners luck will be a factor so i want to take my chance.the chance I can get is by playing and paying $215. If I'm not gonna do that I'll never know poker god might want to wave his magic wand on all my cards till I win it all.

    We'll never know unless we try.



    satellites are starting hope to get in cheap first 1000 seats guaranteed

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    anyone joining this tournament post our updates here later and anyone who got a set in this tournament tell your stories here busted in $11 sat.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    nothing I can do my J's ran into Q's but they keep it exciting when turn gave me a flush draw still have rd3 2150fpp sat. my last chance to get in cheap if not gonna buy in directly good thing i won 2nd place 3.3R 180man sng for around $300+ the other day at least I'm not gonna use my own money. good luck to us 2150fpp's starting now


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      Good Luck umbup:
      2 Time Bracelet Winner


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        cash first because this is a big buy in then take it from there

        definitely after I min cash I will play for final table

        losing is not everything but making the right play is.

        if i lose but made the right play I will be happy

        Poker skill and luck is needed to win. It an never be poke skill only and it an never be luck only

        definitely you need both

        I hope i put it in my bag.


        • #5
          busto in sat can't win the game if you can't win like this last 2 hands 2150fpp sat.
          Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
          Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner


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            time to buy in directly


            • #7
              What a hand
              Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
              i raised high enough i got no caller


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                Been playing good and cards keep dropping board keeps helping and a fish giving me chips cool first 30minutes enjoying myself
                Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                last hand is so cool, my opp is the fish im talking about always giving dead money. i did not cbet because fish will call any cbet when he checks turn i tried to steal but fish have other plan adn i said to myself ok i give uo the pot can't waste anymore valuable chips but lo and behold K high won


                • #9
                  fellow members post your chip count

                  chips: 16220

                  im doing good hope it would continue

                  attack the fish and play tight dont give away valuable chips


                  • #10

                    good advice by eugene katchalov

                    anyone sitiing with pokerstars pro


                    • #11
                      Played perfectly BUST OUT SOMEONE I MADE IT LOOK LIKE A CBET BLUFF
                      Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner


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                        Very proud of my squeez play
                        Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner


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                          can't rail u. u have to tell us what table you are on


                          • #14
                            he is at table # 3808...........


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                              good luck marvinumbup: keep filling up chips. for me got chips leader on my left can't do anything but play tight and cards not coming and board not helping with my AK.
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