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Bad beats 90% of the time

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  • Bad beats 90% of the time

    I am sick of it too. I enter the qualifier every day and all i get a hands that suck. and I use the techniques that I learnt in the SNG course and it just makes it worse.
    I don't know why everyone else gets a good hand and I don't. Or are they bluffing? No, if i call their bluff, they have a good hand and are not bluffing. I just want a break.

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    Poker can be a very frustrating game. Especially when you play a patient game and run onto a maniac seemingly playing any two cards. What helps me overcome this is to focus on the decisions I make and the actions I take. I can't control what my opponents do but I can control what I do. In a perverse way bad beats are a confirmation of a good decision on your part. For a bad beat to happen you have to be significantly ahead in the hand hen the money goes in and that is a good decision and action in your part.

    Hope the cards turn your way very soon.


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      Hands will come promise

      Hey you seem pretty down try not to let it bother you i know its tough the hands will come some days i dont get anything when i do i get busted by a maniac hand playing with nothing but i promise stick with it just forget the hands you have played in previous tour play the hand in front of you to the best of your ability then you can not go wrong its frustrating but this is what i try and do and it works for me i still get angry but after i have left the table its forgot otherwise if you keep thinking about previous hands you will play a hand different from how you normally play it that affects your game and you lose more play the same i promise the hands will come good luck love from the diva to you and yours i hope this helped even just a little x


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        It may be the poker gods are trying to teach you patience. Dont get alarmed about being behind the chip average. Wait for the good hands and then make the shove monkeys pay. Also, AA,KK and AK are NOT the only good hands. A good tip would be to friend Mike Caro on facebook. He offers great tips each day. Read some poker books or get in the teamspeak training league. There are many great players here willing to share their knowledge. Good luck and see you out there.
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