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seriously every time Open League

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  • seriously every time Open League

    so im small stack got pockets 6s limped in
    guy min raised so i called,
    A6K drops
    so im like im gonna win this because he problaby hit either a K or A pair. the guy out of position bets me all-in and I call off course
    he shows me QT
    so im like ok i got this in the bag he only has 4 outs all jacks (or a higher trips off course)
    turn drops rag
    And there it is ladies and gentlemen for the 500 millionth time a f ing jack.

    This shit always happens in the open league its not funny anymore
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    here's another for ya, seriously how do their kind survive in this mad world.


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      You have to remember that if there is any probability of a hand losing, it can happen. It is called "the luck factor." In the example you gave, XxTiberxX, your odds of winning were around 92%. Let me rephrase that, your odds of losing were 8%. This player hit the 8%, which is why you remember the hand.

      Can you recall the last time you won a hand where your odds of winning were 92%? I'm guessing you couldn't simply because you expected to win, so you dismissed it when it happened.


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        Originally posted by XxTiberxX View Post
        here's another for ya, seriously how do their kind survive in this mad world.
        A: It's not a bad beat,sorry. 77.55% you vs. 21.09% villain with 1.36% tie. It IS a crap call by the villain but it's the Open League,what do you expect. B: The points lost here are not the villains fault,nor the RNG's fault,they're YOUR fault. Come on man it's a LEAGUE game. More to the points it's an OPEN LEAGUE game. You know that there are idiots that will call with ATC's and it's only Level II here. You want to control the pot sizes of any hand you enter (which is counter to all poker strategy really) short of having AA and KK (maybe QQ) both of which you want to play fast and aggressive. AKs here should be just a call and see what falls on the flop. Given the "monkey see,monkey do" nature of the vast majority of these players I'm betting if all Pietroy had to do was check his option when it came around to him then that's what he would have done. But if you shove some of these dopes will call out of pure curiosity.


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          computer program

          it does seem to happen far too often to be just the run of the cards ; how mant times have we seen the big stack caii with s__t and still win ; seems to programmed to support chip leaders' makes sence. how else do you get through 10,000 players in 4to 5 hours::::


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            It's the same, regardless of the situation. I've seen the same plays in anywhere from a 1 cent online tourney, to a $2.20 online, to a $33 LIVE tourney, to a $80 LIVE tourney, to a $330 LIVE tourney.

            The same players are out there, regardless of level.

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              I seem to remember a hand from the WSOP where AA lost to A6, it happens everywhere, its part of the game. Bad players make bad calls, and sometimes they win, simple as that.

              The only thing you can control is how you react to it, and what you can learn.

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                Originally posted by marty102 View Post
                it does seem to happen far too often to be just the run of the cards ; how mant times have we seen the big stack caii with s__t and still win ; seems to programmed to support chip leaders' makes sence. how else do you get through 10,000 players in 4to 5 hours::::
                Hi and welcome to the forum Marty. Now I'm afraid I'm going to have to bite a piece of you azz off,sorry. You want an "it's rigged" post to be your first contribution here? Really? Can you do us all (and more importantly do YOURSELF) a favor and make your second post some concrete evidence to support this claim? Maybe a chart of your percentages with all starting hand combo's over a large sample. And you get though 10K players in 4 to 5 hours because you have 9000 monkeys shoving ATC's from the jump. Not all that hard to figure out. But if you do want to continue to blame any shortcomings your game has on extraneous factors then feel free. By all means. If nothing else you'll be "popular". umbup:


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                  stats and stas again

                  It always makes me chuckle when you see this type of reply to a post . I think everyone who plays poker knows any starting can win or lose , but isn't the OP making the suggestion that the player who played K 3 offsuit probably didnt have a clue how bad a hand he had ; OpenSkill league freeroll about 80% of tge players dont give a sh1t . if you have ever played in the PremierSkill League you will realise that alot of bingo donks make it from the OpenSkill League to that one . And by the way Ah Kh vs Kd 2h is approx. 78% vs 22% pre flop not 92% vs 8% as you suggest .


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                    I analysed over 6million hands ( some my own , but most were others that ppl kindly sent to me for purposes of the analyses ) . these were all from micro to low stakes tourneys and sit SnGs .

                    The stipulation for this analyses was that you had to be short stacked with 8BBs or less and only 2 tables left or final table and you were heads up, after you shove with a top 10 hand , against one of the 2 big stacks on the table when they were in either of the blinds . From my analysis in this situation The bigger stack wins 91.38% of the time by hitting 2 pair or better regardless of the cards they play ; so basically they call you with ATC and win over 91% of the time .

                    I f you want a detailed account of this analysis ask PokerStars to send you one as they have a copy of it , but didnt seem too interested in it .


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                      curious, where did you find these players?


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                        When you ask people people to send you sample thats very bias IMHO. Just like was asked on the board a week ago what are the WIN% of AA vs any other hand... more often then not its the people who lost AA is gonna post their hand 80% of the time

                        Lets see quick stats. AA vs other hand AA wins about 80%

                        Odds of getting AA 1 in 221 hands assuming 9 people per table = approx 1/24 hands a table get AA

                        so 1/24 * 15000 average pokerstars tables 9+ discounting 10000 tables less than 9
                        assuming 1 hand every min = 625 AA hands/min 20% lose rate

                        = 125 AA Losing hands (heads up vs 1 player vs any hand) every single min

                        = 180,000 AA losing hands per day. so were bound to see ALOT of bad beats


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                          there are bad beats then there are stupid beats

                          This onre from the last PremierSkill League tourney .

                          Blinds were 200/400 with a 40 ante

                          I have 5825 chips in the SB the BB has 7100
                          the hand id folde round to me in the SB and i have JJ and raise to 880 , the BB flat calls

                          2120 in the pot

                          flop comes 10 5 7 rainbow and i lead out for 1400 then the BB shoves all in .

                          i think to myself does he have pocket 10s 5s or 7s and decide that if he thought i was bluffing /stealing pre flop he would have reraised pre flop . I also think he would have reraised pre with A 10 or K 10 so i put him on J 10 , 9 10 or 8 6 suited and as i have invested almost half my stack already and i think i have the best of it I call .

                          The BB shows pocket 4s ............................lo and behold a 4 on the turn and a brick on the end .

                          Just a stupid shove that got lucky .........................again .

                          How can he possibly think pocket 4s is the best hand in that situation . As i said i fhe thought i was stealing pre flop why did he flat call the raise . Just really bad poker methinks .


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                            dont you know JJ never wins????


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                              realyy i'll bear that in mind



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