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Not sure on this one...

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  • Not sure on this one...

    Note: the following is from a limit game So.. when this happened I was really annoyed..
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    And thought it was definitely a bad beat.. then I thought about the odds.. And maybe villain still made the right play... I bet on the flop as it is fairly safe board and I have top pair. On the turn, I still have top pair and am drawing to the nut flush. Villain is obviously drawing to either a straight or a flush.. (although he's drawing dead to the straight) and then he hits the one card.. Pot odds on the turn, ~13%, drawing odds to his straight / flush (assuming he doesn't discount any of them, but don't think he had any real read on me) 12 outs to hit the straight or the flush so ~25% So clearly calling is the right play... I'm starting to find limit frustrating, because you just can't protect your hands from draws... might give 1c/2c nl a go.. although I think the hyper aggression of some idiots on the tables will just get to me.
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    Dear Tom, Here is my 2cent opinion, I think there's nth to brag about this hand. here's why, 1. A4suited is not a playable hand at your position esspecially when you limp. 2. Postflop bet look weak to me, n if i m him i'll call for sure. coz i might hit nuts straight. 3. Turn bet look like a standard continues bet as he might think you have Ax or you might already hit 2pair, but who care, he now have nuts straight n weak flush draw. 4. U hit your nut flush n do nth wrong, just a very good b bad river card for you. So, i dont think there is anything for you to complain coz for me, you make 75% mistake that coz your money. 2cent opiniom. Anyway, good luck at the table next time.umbup:


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      This is a Limit hand though.. I can only bet the bet size.. For sure in NL I would have stuck way more chips in on the flop and turn.

      Agreed that A4s pre flop is maybe iffy.. I'd had a run of bad cards and felt like playing a marginal hand


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        yes, it's a bad beat..... but you should have never been in the situation to start with.

        Here's why....

        If you're going to get into the hand, raise preflop. Letting people limp into a pot with you, especially that many in a pot, is asking for trouble, espeically in limit. If you raised when it gets to you, then the opp raises, you can then re-raise him.

        Suited cards like what the opp had, should go away to a capped bet preflop. Should. If the person's a calling station, then there isn't much you can do.
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          Thanks, as I said before it was a limit hand. I'll make that clearer in future, I understand nl is the default here.

          Anyway, given that, I think I played well post flop, but take on board that if I was going to play that hand should have gone in raising pre flop.



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