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I don't think I have the heart for this anymore.....

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  • I don't think I have the heart for this anymore.....

    Le Sigh.

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    only thing I'd have done different: make initial raise to 8 cents (3BB+1 for the limper), then push when raised. Bottom line: you got your chips in with much the best hand. That is all you can do umbup:

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      I am seeing a lot of the way you play at the tables Bandshooter or variants on it which I believe long term are losing strategies at this level; you are just trying to be sophisticated when simple ABC poker with a TAG style will gain you a profit.

      There was a thread a few weeks back about minbot or minbet players trying to disguise their hands. There are also a lot of LPA (loose passive) type players who call every hand but only bet when they have hit a part of the board or a draw, and as they are betting, you cannot call them passive but all their play pre flop is normally passive even when they have a premium hand, but sometimes not.

      You then have the short stackers, and I think the villain could fall into this category, he probably started with 80 cents (the minimum) and is probably willing to lose his initial investment to double up again. I would love to see some info on SS strategy as there is a huge amount of info on the German and Spanish Intellipoker sites

      Really what you have got to do is recognise all the player types at the table and adapt your game accordingly. Off course it is easy saying that and I probably would have doubled up this guy as well with As. Note however that he had only 4s on the flop, but he did not bet; these types are reactive players but they will go to showdown with terrible hands when you bet and unfortunately sometimes they will hit.

      When the raise and call came I was just shoving at this level, with 18 cents invested you may have lost the villain.

      Don't lose the faith, you have a decent game, it just needs some minor adjustments to make it profitable for you.




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        Thanks Guys.

        Top, I think you're right about my style of play. I do tend to try and over think things. And I'm definately NOT a winning player. Might have to just buckle down to the very basics for a while and try to train myself to be a true TAG.

        Thanks again.


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          get tag down to a science, then work on opening up your game


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            It was explained to me by someone that knows that your variance swings will be huge at 1st then lessen as time goes by. Im not sure how long that takes but I really feel that all you can do is get your money in good and whatever happens happens. This is easier said than done and I still tilt alot but its getting better. Take a few days off, start fresh and see what happens. Whatever you decide good luck and hope to see you out there.
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              Band what Top and Roomik said about getting TAG down and also I hope you noted these 2 players. If so when you see them again (I would be searching personally) if in the same spot value bet them to death,like you were doing here. Remember if the fish never swam off with the fly sometimes they would learn to stop going for the hook. umbup:



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