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cmon...lets get serious !!!

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  • cmon...lets get serious !!!

    No limit sat ..20 buy in ...Nov 5th

    this is not a bad beat..but it could be one

    just like to understand how can someone play and call with J4o those bets !!

    Starting hand #10261619
    browniwp starts with $3,050
    maraden starts with $300
    royw starts with $3,575
    "spades" starts with $3,325
    Huxley starts with $3,350
    oakz starts with $6,400
    "spades" has the dealer button
    "spades" dealt down Ad As
    Huxley posts the small blind $75
    oakz posts the big blind $150
    browniwp folds
    maraden folds
    royw calls $150
    "spades" raises $525 to $675
    Huxley folds
    oakz folds
    royw calls $525
    >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 9h 4d 6h ]
    royw checks
    "spades" bets $2,650 and is all-in
    royw calls $2,650
    royw shows cards Jh 4c
    "spades" shows cards As Ad
    >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ Ks ]
    >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 5c ]
    "spades" wins $6,875
    "spades" won with a pair of aces

    spades 8)

  • #2
    Different people have different 'agendas'
    Some just like to see what happens....



    • #3

      i think some people need to buy a penthium 23,000 ghz and replace
      their agenda urgently

      auummmmmmmmmmm :lol:


      • #4
        Here's a hand from tonites Bingo (ooopps I mean Limit HE) game:

        Starting hand #10263402
        >>>DEALING HOLE CARDS<<<
        Seat 7 dealt down Kc As
        Seat 1 posts the small blind $50
        Seat 2 posts the big blind $75
        Seat 3 folds
        Seat 4 folds
        Seat 5 calls $75
        Seat 6 calls $75
        Seat 7 calls $75
        Seat 8 calls $75
        Seat 9 calls $75
        Seat 1 calls $25
        Seat 2 raises $75 to $150
        Seat 5 calls $75
        Seat 6 calls $75
        Seat 7 calls $75
        Seat 8 calls $75
        Seat 9 calls $75
        Seat 1 calls $75
        >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ Kh 4s 9h ]
        Seat 1 checks
        Seat 2 bets $75
        Seat 5 calls $75
        Seat 6 folds
        Seat 7 raises $75 to $150
        Seat 8 folds
        Seat 9 calls $150
        Seat 1 folds
        Seat 2 raises $75 to $225
        Seat 5 folds
        Seat 7 calls $75
        Seat 9 calls $75
        >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ Th ]
        Seat 2 bets $150
        Seat 7 folds
        Seat 9 calls $150
        >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 3h ]
        Seat 2 bets $150
        Seat 9 calls $150
        Seat 2 shows cards Ah 5d
        Seat 9 shows cards Qs Kd
        Seat 2 wins $2,400
        Seat 2 won with an ace high flush


        • #5

          obviously there are a few things i have donne diferently playing that Ak on seat 7

          - i had raise preflop at least once (seat 2 will call anyway all the way, by the way that player bets and raises, but at least he had to pay for it)

          - i had reraise on flop once, maybe twice to see how serious he was

          - i had (maybe) reraise him on turn, and fold there if i got reraise

          - i dont believe i had fold up to the river, unless i got reraised on turn

          one thing is a must there..

          - my stack
          - seat 2 stack
          - how did seat 9 act after those reraises (if seat 9 call my raise on turn i should fold there if seat 2 reraises...i may get reraised - capped- on turn by seat 9 stil to act)

          stil an amazing play by seat

          spades 8)


          • #6
            I played this one badly, make that terribly. Just before hitting the raise button pre-flop I remembered the school lesson on playing AKo in multi-way pots so I called instead of raising. Then I realized I was too early to do that with that many players left to act. MAJOR RUH-ROH!

            Then it was a matter of fit or fold and the re-raise on the flop and the bet into the flush scare card convinced me my chips were best saved for later.



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