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any advice on if i played this wrong?

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  • any advice on if i played this wrong?

    was playing in the $1.10 500 GTD 6 max game the other night and i was chip leader and in top 4 for about 4 hours and then this hand came up.

    afterwards the guy insulted me and called me names.I never even met or spoke to the guy once and he did this to me. sometimes i wonder why i bother.

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    evaluate please


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      the info says it was a 9max game not 6max O_O. anyways, i'd usually limp in with K10 suited too however since you were chip leader on your table, a -2.5x or possibly 3x considering the table dynamic would be suffice to get rid of 64 suited on the button. Your mistake though was calling the bet by stafford350 on flop with a gutshot stright draw. the pot was 19,500 and stafford350 bets 15,600 which is relatively large. pot odds was 2.25:1, correct odds to chase 5:1. you have to assume/disregard a king wont help your hand because he can limp with hands like J9, K9, KJo or Q10 on the button.

      So my opinion is that you made a "bad" call on the flop due to bad odds and also didn't make a pf raise which would allow you to semi bluff on flop and he might fold bottom pair (ie if he would call pf). Theres other ways you could of taken it down on the flop but yeah like donk lead or check raise.


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        Either Raise or Fold PF

        You ended up getting bad beat by a DONKEY, but why get involved in the 1st place?

        We aren't given any reads on the players, so I'll assume we were just moved to the table, or we haven't played enough hands with these players. If you normally play your cards and not your opponents - that is your 1st mistake.

        You're Open/Limping the betting from MP which prices more players into the pot, plus the SB has a 10bb 'shoving' stack. Either raise 2.5X or fold. If you raise your PLAN is to fold to a 3bet or if 'Heads-Up' facing a SB 'shove', CALL (you're priced in, getting 2 to 1 odds).

        As it happens you Open/Limp and get a 4 way pot. The FLOP gives you a gut-shot draw with an over card and a back door flush (2nd nuts). You're 3rd to act and it's checked to you - I like the fact that you want to pot control and take a free card. But the BTN gets aggressive and bets 3/4 pot. Now it's folded to you and you're out of position with no reads on your opponent. You're getting 2.25 to 1 odds, what's your PLAN? There are 15 cards that would make your hand more playable, but at what risks? The only card that makes you comfortable is a Q (10 to 1 shot).

        You called and got the 'nuts'. I like your check to the aggressor. He now bets 4K into a 50K pot. It could only mean a weak hand, why else would he let you stay in the pot for great odds on such a draw heavy board. I like your small reraise, there are a lot of hands that call you, even though he may be a bit suspicious of your bet sizing. He 'jams' it all-in on a Semi-Bluff, which you happily call with the 'nuts'.

        You got your money in very 'good', all you could ask for. He has a 20% chance of hitting his flush and does, it happens. You need to make a 'note' on this player and let him fill your bucket with chips in the future.
        "May the cards be with you!"



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