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Perfect play, brutal loss

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  • Perfect play, brutal loss

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    My stones hurt from watchin' that lol. you raised good, called a 3bet to (i assume) setmine, ok binked your 5 sweet.raise waragainst top,top sweet. Then all hell breaks loose The chips were all goin in no matter how that was played i'm afaid.. Saddle back up sir.
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    May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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      this one ought to be in the bad beat section, not hand analysis... nothing to analyze here but bad luck.

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        ** Moved **


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          These are the hands that make my heart sink. You play a hand about as perfect as you can, you flop your monster, get your opponent to ship his whole stack to you when he is crushed, only to see a brutal runner runner like that. It's enough to drive a teetotaller to drink. Unlucky mate


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            Perfect title, brutal to watch.


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              Personally, I'm not a fan of the preflop raise with 55 UTG at a full table like that, since a raise and reraise could have forced you out before the flop. I've seen worse happen, he did have 4 outs going to the river, but yeah that is still really nasty!


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                Its nasty i agree, but what i've learned from the courses is that you shouldnt play pocket 5s if you are positioned right after the bb


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                  Originally posted by XxTiberxX View Post
                  Its nasty i agree, but what i've learned from the courses is that you shouldnt play pocket 5s if you are positioned right after the bb
                  That's indeed a nasty loss mate!!

                  LAG style is adjusting and being agressive also with small PP OOP!! nothing wrong with this playlol

                  the courses are basic play!!

                  to be succesvol play like the sandman and be divers
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                    thx for the advice, just started with poker school so im trying to get the basics down at the moment


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                      To be honest, yeah you were unlucky but personally, have no sympathy for you, what you deserve for even considering to play that hand in position your in. I know that may seem harsh but every chance someone got a higher pair after you or what happened, someone with a strong hand and 2 over cards to your 5's.

                      due to flush draw on flop. they could be on that, always make it as dear as possible to chase.... move all in. Since they have queen with ace kicker, doubt they folding anyway.

                      only time you play 5's in position your in;

                      1) if you have the dominant chip lead on table, like the 47k/41k stack, which is over double what you have. even then, would still fold to the re-raise you got met with.



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