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  • What to do?

    This seems to be happening a lot latley! Am I betting wrong or playing too cheap a game?

    $1 Tourny $2k GRTD!

    Me 9000chips
    Villian 6700 chips

    I've got pckt 9s Button
    Villian ?? SB

    Blinds 150 & 300
    I raise to 900, He calls

    Flop 8h, 9h, 4s

    I bet 900, He calls

    Turn Qc

    I bet 1500
    he calls

    River 3h

    He goes allin!!!!

    Am I over/underbetting the flop/turn on this or just done by a call station?

    I had to call this as the pot was too big. of course he has suited Ace heart!
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    Pre flop -- Hero 900, villain 900, blinds 300 = pot of 2100 ..i think Flop - Hero 900 bet, villain calls 900 = pot 3900 Turn - Hero 1500 bet Yes, your bets are too small for that board texture. You have the nuts on the flop w/ flush and straight draws. I would bet very close to the pot on the flop. The turn is a bit scary in case they're holding JT, but you should still bet more imo, perhaps 70 percent of the pot. If they raise, then you can think of dumping the hand, or calling for hopes of the board pairing. It's hard to be precise with analysis without info on the opponents, tournament, position, etc. But the flop bet definitely needs to be more...don't slow play the nuts when the board has any kind of wetness. Welcome to the forum btw. umbup: Hope to see more...and also, I would put these in the hand analysis forum for better exposure and more input on the hands.



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