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one more to put down to experience

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  • one more to put down to experience

    5 straight games minus ,one game tonight made top 100,my last game get real this is bull
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    is it just me being a bad sport but come on all in 3 4 ,realy or are you realy suposed to blind out

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    Pretty bad, but what the heck are you doing in there with a3?? It's early, you don't need to take this kind of chance.
    Bracelet Winner


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      PLaws you were ALONG way from blinding, now on to the hand, imho 3-A is an insta fold for me I dont even consider it but in your case again Iam gonna have to say you played it too weak since you were going to play it you need to raise it preflop say 3xBB and yes he still may call and yes he still may call your raise of all in on the flop but my problem with you reraising all in is you had bottom pair you have to at least suspect your opp may have hit the flop so by you reraising all in was again imho an "I might get lucky" play, using tough love PLaws please dont get upset with me, just I have watched alot of your "bad beat vids" and you constantly get told the same thing

      gl at the tables


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        Plaws this is the same thing with you over and over again. Listen to me very carefully---Limpers are losers. Period.

        I hate,hate,hate your play here. If you keep focusing on only the other players mistakes instead of owning up to your own you are NEVER going to improve. Sorry to be so blunt but that's the reality of the situation.

        Is the villain's play after the flop here abysmal? Yes,unquestionably. But the simple truth is that if you let most poor to mediocre players get any piece of the flop they're going to go all the way to showdown more often than not. That's why they're poor to mediocre players (well one of many reasons...).

        But let's examine YOUR play pre-flop which is the impetus for this train wreck to begin with...

        You open-limped (again) and from the Button,no less. Just terrible. I can see a fold here and not say bad play. If the villain had been showing as loose as he did in this hand then you can wait for a much better spot than A3o. And as to your blind out comment you're at 10 bb's at Level V in a PSO. That's a LONG,LONG way from desperation time in a PSO.

        You didn't raise. Damnit if you're going to play your hand,THEN PLAY YOUR HAND. His raise may be the play of a bad player given his holdings,but that doesn't necessarily make it a bad play. You open limp from the Button on a more experienced player and they're gonna 4x bet back at you all day long because it's such a weak play on your part. You're telling them that you don't much care for your hand and that gives them a green light to play back at you until you give them a reason not to. Even if they have crap it could either get you to fold or set them up for a c-bet post flop depending on what boards. If you make weak plays better players are going to play at your weakness and the cards barely even matter at that point.

        Raise or fold Plaws. Raise or fold.


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          Plaws-- listen close please-- you have the button-- means you are last to act- means you have position-- (hey mox- i skipped your dialogue- so mine is true- to me-) now- if you are gonna play that hand-- dude- u have to raise-- when blinds are 10% of your stack- man o man- you really dont have many chips left for post flop poker--

          THAT being said-- in the PSO__ button or not-- fold that crap- -- or make a raise-(read dependent) and take the dead money--



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