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Bad beat

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  • Bad beat

    Here we go again,early in tourney,got aye donk at my table named,minidollar19,he pushes all in 4 times in a row,the first 3 no one calls,so on the forth all in,i get dealt 10 10,easy call against this donk,cards turn,he shows 97 di,got him dominated,the flop,10h 3c 2d,hit my trips on the flop,sweet,the turn?di the river di,cant even remember what cards they were just di,i really love this game,but just cant handle the unskill donks,who play in this so called skill league,i feel when i get my chat back on the first of next month,im gonna lose it for the 7th time,hopefully this time they will take my fckn chat forever,at least then it wont give some fckn donk the satifactoin of getting my chat banned,DOGG FCKN GONE

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    Tell us how your really feel Dogg!!

    Not trying to make light of anything... these hero moves can be the right play, but in this league, the negatives for such a play far outweigh the positives.

    Now go watch that training video on the replayer... it'll help to take your mind off it and help the analyzers give you better feedback.


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      how i feel

      i really feel like chit,and every day,they test my skills and everyday i fail,i must be aye loser,and thats all i got to say my friend,gl and skill to you my friend,DOGG GONE


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        it only got worse after you left barrydog ,i got nothing all the way through well did manage one deserare hand ,and now i can say 5 straight with minus points ,i am trying not to swear or blame anyone but for crying out loud ,here is my desperate hope to get to some points
        Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
        no points sorry i get minus points


        • #5
          the guy with the big stack put your man out barrydog,he got lucky with ace queen ,not suited ,and said he was waiting as your man was in on everyhand not thats its any consulation, but its good to see you in the matches barry hope your not offened at my teasing you


          • #6
            My friend

            Never ever offended by your chat my friend,an honor and aye privalige,to play beside you at tables my friend,you saw the beat,i didnt think it was dumb play by me.but in hindsite,maybe it was,good skill and luck to you my friend,dogg gone


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              if you wouldve picked up your wired 10s the first time the drooler jammed you might have stood a chance. after his third shove, though, he became temporarily invincible. you cant just call a shove by a hyper agro player no matter what your holdings are. its not like in a reality based casino. why do you think the third 10 came? if you had been raising and 3 betting prior to this hand, you might have stood a chance, as well. since the villan was the only player up to that point raising, weather all in or not, naturally hes going to win the shodown. the second you called, you were dead. it has nothing to do with probability, odds, hand strength, etc. why do you think hyper agros are always sucking out the miracle 1% chance they have? because big brother is on their side. same thing applies if your playing tight and waiting for only premium hands to come along. youll sit there all night. the more you wait, the longer it will catch-22. when you do finally catch a premium hand, chances are you will get stomped on like a narc at a biker rally by those who have been mixing it up and betting, raising and 3 betting. tag play, then cannot work. it wont work. aint claiming to be a rigtard, just a not random tard, say what you will, i know what i know. you dont have to be a mensa member to realize the online game is not random. it takes more than being a solid player. you have to tweek the aggression without becoming a maniac. let you know if i ever reach that okay, let me have it. ready for all the lambasting in which i am about to recieve. (usually from wanna be's, anyway, who are not capable of making a living playing). if you dont make a living playing, dont bother replying.



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