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Tin foil hat time!!!!

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  • Tin foil hat time!!!!

    As soon as the shops open in the morning I'm going to buy biggest Tin foil hat I can find. Something Is just not right!!!! Four of these happen In the last three days. The fifth on the 1st of the month. Although some of the flops could or should have made me fold (#1. straight maybe. #3 set maybe) I think I've have to say I looked good. You have to gamble sometime. First two are both freerolls for GOYL tickets. All in fests. Go for it or don't. What are the odds of a pocket pair running into a bigger pocket pair? Not that much against I know, but add the no over card flops and the four in three days (or five in seven) and the odds are get out there. JJ' s also ran into AA in the same three days. KK into AA and QQ into AA. It happens. I guess. AKs has lost 8 out 12 (when called), and I could fill pages with bad beats over the same period. I've managed to drop around 50 or 60 points in Pso and wipe $13 off my bankroll. Don't laugh! that's alot to me! It's as if someone just flipped a switch somewhere. I knew I shouldn't have written that mail to support moaning about the rake on the $0.25's. Anyway it all adds up to one thing IT'S RIGGED!!!!!!! And we haven't been to the moon! And there is a Big Foot! And the world is run by lizzards! And the universe is populated by anally obsessed little grey buggers! The red misted is clearing. Slowly. umbup:

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    Just putting this one up as it kind of sums things up. It's a PSO. Love it!


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      Well Son,

      The last one is a killer.

      However, I have to relay the words your wonderful Mother always used, position, position, position and if the other bloke says he has a bigger one, and bets on it, it is often more than likely that he has (a bigger one I mean)...



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        Thanks for those wise words Dad. I know my position right now and it's bent over being shafted While I'm at it, what's the odds of this? Just for fun. Just happen in the PSO. Had the same with Queens in the last week or so. Talk about can't win Could have been worse. The way things are going I expected him to hit a flush


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          That is a much more equitable result than I often got with your Mother


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            OK, so it struggles to make an out and out bad beat, but ffs Just happened. Another PSO early out!


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              Oh well! A new day, A new start Maybe not Tin foil hat just isn't doing it. Might try playing from under the bed. Or put a few crosses up about the place.
              Last edited by steveisnot; Mon May 09, 2011, 04:35 PM.


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                i feel your pain

                i know what that feels like, but it the software that is to blame i believe, the site is designed to make poker look more interesting, so it deals you a pocket pair expecting you to play it and gives someone else a bigger one, even if your not all in preflop you will be after the flop because you can be guaranteed it will look like a good flop for your hand, its rigged but it rigged for that reason, also if your running low on chips and get AA DELT TO YOU AND SOME1 CALLS WIT 22 CHANCES ARE THEY WILL HIT A 2,
                i was playing a tourney last week i think it was a 10k gar, and was playing well had bout double avg chips, middle of tourney, and i get AA, i raise another player reraises and i ship he has KK, flop comes 9 2 A wit 2 clubs, the guy has me covered by bout 500 chips, i look and see im golden, but wait no its pokerstars, runner runner clubs i lose he has k of clubs.
                another one where i cant explain this with any reasoning at all!!! im playing a 5k gar i think iv 1010 with a massive stack bout 46k avg is bout 10k i raise UTG to bout 5k so no messing next player folds next one ships for 15k, everyone folds to dealer, who flat calls, SB folds BB flats, so dealer has a stack of 50k i think and decide i want to be heads up so i put on pressure again and i ship for 46k dealer calls and so does BB, now i think ok i gone dealer must have aces, but no he has Q3 OFF, BB HAS J7 OFF, I THINK HEY NO Q COMES OR J IM GOLDEN AND I WIN MORE THEN IM LOSING TO THE KK, SCORE!!! BUT WAIT ITS POKERSTARS!!!
                THATS POKER GUYS,
                As im writing this i get all my chips in with 77 against QQ and hit a fullhouse on flop, so now it comes and goes and all we can do is play on.



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