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getting sick of donks!

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  • getting sick of donks!

    i am getting sick of playering with tards. i thought ppl had to pass the quiz to be able to play in these league matches!!!! i have gone out early now 5 out 6 times by ppl with nothing hands. (the 6th i had JJ he had KK so no complaints there)

    i just had QQ in the cut-off. ppl fold but 1 person goes all in middle position. i call, and the blinds fold so its just me and him in the pot and he has me covered. he turns over 8s 9s
    flop comes 8h 6h 8d turn Ad river Kh

    i am just getting really pi**ed of playing with these donks when i am trying to learn the game and improve. i have made a few mistakes with bad calls etc and i generally dont meet that many idiots in these tourneys, which is why i like them so much.

    but now i have had a monumentally rubbish start, in which i believe i havent made too many mistakes, and dont deserve to be there. all because im getting beaten by donks making bad moves and playing rubbish hands but getting lucky.

    i know it sometimes happens in poker and i accept that but not on the scale ive already had to put up with this month. am just getting fed up already this month and its just started so thought id have a moan here and get it off my chest

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    "Donks" are everywhere. Get used to them and accept them. You are going to make more money off of those "donks" than off of any other player. umbup: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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      i know. but when they get you on pretty much back to back tourneys for 5 times it gets to you.
      made me feel a bit better having a rant about it anyway


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          wait ur luck will change ...and when it does u will learn to luv donkies gl to u mom


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            You'll beat the donks in the long run dude. How short was he? A 10bb shove with a hand like that is understandable IMO - I love those suited connectors. Maybe he thought you had fold equity. How much did you raise from your position? Forgive a donk but isn't the cut off right of the dealer button?

            edit: but not at pokerstars. take ya money and get out while you still have some!
            Last edited by deezer_dee; Sat May 14, 2011, 01:45 AM.



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