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It's only getting worse!

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  • It's only getting worse!

    First hand in PSO, so maybe i should know better. Could you have backed out? Wish i had.

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      Had to shove. Didn't I? Got to catch a break sometime! Might take up golf or something All today by the way!


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        Love it! Just funny. From 'Oh bollocks' to 'I'm saved' to 'Oh bollocks' And I know! It was a very loose push. Time for bed I think. Maybe just one more game


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          Asking for it! Should have gone to bed! And I should have folded to a highly likely full house. The red mist is doing my game no good.


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            Hi Steve,

            Some of this is just bad luck and some of it is just bad play.

            In some spots when you should be betting, you are limping, in spots you should not be betting you are raising!

            There is a good player in you fighting to get out, you just have to stop fighting against him.


            Golf is always soothing, seven shots to most greens for me and I am Irish and expected to be good.


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              Hello TC,

              Once again thanks for your time.

              The TT. On the flop I did think maybe he has pocket JJ's or maybe QJ. The 8 making me worry even more. Unfortunately my present state of mind keeps leading me to think 'It can't happen to me again' and ofcourse it can.

              I sure as hell didn't expect to see 5 6 of spades. I was expecting a big ace.

              Could I have bet harder on the flop? Guess that may have worked.

              The 8's have to be a shove don't they? 8BB's. even with the limper.

              The A6 must be a shove too? On the button? 8BB's again, first in?

              Think I pointed out my own mistakes on the last two. Risky shove on the first and back to bad state of mind 'It can't happen to me again'

              Think the good player inside won the fight, got out and ran off a long time ago

              Very happy to get you input.




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                I think the first four hands are all early in tournies and PSO. The danger playing early here even with good holding is that there is always someone willing to go all in on ATCs to build a stack.

                I am not saying these are necessarily bad players, in fact some of them play really well once they get a stack, but they are willing to play bingo and not poker to get that stack in the first place. You have to watch for these players but to get sucked out four times is not fun.

                The last hand is really weak play from you. The limp on the flop is debatable, on a very wet board, I would have bet something here to stake my claim to the pot. The turn gives you the nut flush draw. I am betting here not limping and when the button raises he is screaming I have the set of Aces, because you have the nut flush draw. You have to put him all in, both for value if he calls, and winning the pot without showdown if he doesn't.

                When the river comes Q and he puts you virtually all in; ok he left you with a chip, you must know that you are beat.

                I am only learning myself but I am sure some of the other guys will have more insightful thoughts on this.




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                  Heya Steve it seems some days we should stay away from the tables lol I thought you did the right think but luck beat you.Im only new been here one month but am fairly addicted now lol,I had a day like yours the other day and I could have sworn the dealer had it in for me.I play on the money tables every day and do ok some days.The day in question I had so many pairs it wasnt funny.Didnt matter though I didnt win with any of them,twice my aces got beaten by flushes and anything else I had got beaten by aces alot of times ace came on the river.I kept thinking this is rigged and I felt like giving up and going to play golf just like you lol but all in all the addiction will keep me trucking on lol so good luck and look forward to seeing you on the tables at pso.umbup:


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                    Wow That Is a Top Notch Donk

                    Not sure what U could have done .....but that guy calling the raise/ then the flop close to the Donk of the Month Award......and at times I swear the computers random cards are so rigged to bring in that flush.....what i'm saying is if was the 56 of heartsin the donks hand.... there would have been a heart on the flop then runner runner hearts.



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