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It keeps happening to me

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  • It keeps happening to me

    After a long hiatus - I have decided to play a tourney. After a few games I have came to realis why I left in the first place. How do you avoid these situations.. seems to be happening way too frequently

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    Happens all the time, nothing unusual about it. Just be happy the guy made a big mistake and gave you a free card to try and fill up. Had the river paired the board you probably would have stacked him.


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      ya happens all the time if u ask me id have to say yer lucky only losing so much instead of him raising on the river and u having to make a sketchy call or fold. i lost 2 pso tourneys the other day to something quite the same was trips vs straights both times, in which case i raised preflop and they called with 6/7 off suit in 1 case. dont worry this happens to every poker player, just do wut i do and call out the other player for calling half there stack preflop on such crappy cards lol.


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        4 sure you got away cheap-- set 9 is great hand - yet on such a draw heavy board against 2 opps. you did well to not go broke-- gl-- monk..


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          this happens to me all the time.. also i always lose with a flush against a fullhouse, either flopped, or with a runner runner...

          however reviewing this hand in my humble opinion its not a bad beat. You were a 2 to 1 favourite preflop (you are ahead but nothing to be crazy about it ) against a-3s and after the flop he had a 4-flush.
          The odds of completing a flush after having 4-flush on the flop are less than 2 to 1 ( 1.86 to 1 i believe). So it was probable that a heart could land either on the turn or the river.



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