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MInd = Blown

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  • MInd = Blown

    I have never really felt "bad beat", but these next 2 hands just blew my mind. I decided to play in the Hubble lastnight, and around 138, the following happened. Tough break. So today I decided to play another (just finished) and this happened, and my jaw just dropped. Sitting at 150 and the following hand happens... Back to back in the same tourney and almost the exact same positions, I can't even begin to consider the odds.
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    Sorry dunno about anyone else but I thought justice was served in both hands.



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      First hand: I don't know what the BB had so I just put in a pair of random cards (73o) for this........

      AA--66% J10s--21% ATC (73o,I puposely made this MORE advantageous to your holdings than it probably was just to illustrate my point here...)--13%

      That's what you were up against when the decision to put all your chips in was made. Did you flop great? Yep,gotta be feeling good at that point--- J10s--65% AA--34% Tie-1% The BB folded here so I removed his hand from the equation. Notice that even with this dream flop you are only as big a favorite 2 handed as the AA was when you put your chips in 3 handed.

      After the Jack turns-- J10s--73% AA--20% Tie--7%
      Your chances improved but far,far way from a lock.

      Here's the key thing that you have to wrap your mind around anyway--

      Once you decide to put all your chips in the middle the odds--good,bad or indifferent--really are immaterial at that point. You have nothing left to do with the hand and are at the mercy of the cards from the moment all your chips go in the middle. You have to learn to take it as it comes--good,bad or indifferent. This is one of the single biggest obstacles that you will face in your quest in learning (hopefully) to become a good player.

      In this case when you did decide to commit your chips you were way behind. Can't really complain about the outcome in that case.

      Second Hand: A3o--31% 44--69% Again,when you put the chips in you were way behind.

      Now watch this: Post flop--A3o--14% 44--86% After the turned 5 gives you the wheel--A3o-77% 44--23%

      So as you can see,you were MORE of a dog after the flop then he was after the turn,and he only has the one street to play. He did'nt have to hit the 4,any 2,Q or 5 also does the trick. In other words he had 10 possible outs.

      So again,when you took any skill out of the hand and left it up to the turn of the cards you were way behind in both cases.

      For the record given your stacks at the time of these 2 plays the only qualm I have with anything you did was that ANY play with the J10 in the first hand commits you anyway so you may as well just open shove there. You never know,in some cases you may get the entire table to fold. Doubtful given the stack sizes compared to yours,but you never know. And it gives you a way to possibly win the pot without a showdown. Committing 30% of your stack is committing all of it,in all honesty. Get it in.


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        My only regret was not open shoving the J10. I will on rare occasions limp from an early position to gain better reads with the intention of shoving if I'm only against 1-2. Honestly these both look like very poor plays but considering stack sizes, where we were in the tourney and my ultra tight image, I was starting to open up with a few more speculative hands close to the bubble to keep my stack up.

        I expect to be behind with both those hands. Mabye there's some misconception here that I'm complaining about losing, which I'm not. I just found it astronomically laughable that in both cases I played a speculative hand close to the bubble, I lucked out on both boards and was busted on the river.
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